Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Going to the gym is hard enough, so why not give yourself a little motivation and put on some decent-looking attire instead of the same old shorts and t-shirt .bo that’s been your go-to. When choosing a .fortable gym wear, layering is key since you will be outside on your way to the gym and then sweating it out once you are there. Begin with a basic tank and a pair of running shorts, then layer on some track or yoga pants. If they are not roomy enough to wear over your shorts you can always change in the locker room. Add a jacket with some colour, but be sure it is full-zip so you can easily remove before your workout. Don’t to wear a supportive sports bra underneath everything so you won’t experience unnecessary, and often painful, bouncing. Finally, tie on some running sneakers and grab a sleek gym bag that is good enough to store your essentials, a change of clothes, and plenty of magazines since those ones at the gym are never up-to-date. If you are serious about the gym or any sport then no doubt you will want to look and feel good as well, not only does the right clothing make you feel more confident but it can also take your workout to the next level. Although not many of us think that what we wear effects the way we do things, we are in control of our bodies and it is our thoughts and our perception that determines how we act and feel. If you have ever had a time in your life when you havent wanted to do a certain activity and you have felt all tired just even thinking about the said activity. On the other side I am sure you can remember a time where you have planned to do an activity that you love and enjoy which makes you feel on top of the world. As long as you think you look good and you feel good then your going to be at your optimum best, dont worry about what others think as what they think determines how they feel and you have the power to choose how you feel and not to let others to decide this for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: