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Guoping lecture video cited hot media like   find a team prosperous reason – Sports – Rio Olympic team became "let Guoping red net". The day before, head coach Liu Guoliang in 2013 through a Paris World Championships after the selection of summary of the lecture on the Internet to spread, let Guoping and "red" a. Users have lamented after the nearly 20 minute video, this is the reason the opponent’s cry call guoping. Liu Guoliang said staring at the top student "lecture video" for 19 minutes and 31 seconds, Liu Guoliang first announced the team ranking cycle: 1st, Xu Xin second, Malone third, Zhang Jike fourth chen. 5 minutes before the coach used to praise Chen, Wang Hao, Ma Lin and other old members of the mentoring spirit, the rest of the whole time to beat the title in London Zhang Jike. Zhang Jike then won the Olympic singles champion in less than a year, just to achieve the "Grand Slam", Liu Guoliang criticized them mercilessly, then there are a number of media, including this newspaper, present. He said: "Zhang Jike, you must improve the sense of responsibility, sense of responsibility is to improve your flattery will be flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. If you do not have the advantage of consolidation, four years later, you may have missed the Olympic Games, you may be the most tragic one." Later, Zhang Jike finally got the tickets for the Paris World Championships, and one defending. The Rio Olympic cycle, Liu Guoliang Zhang Jike’s "beat" has not been broken, not only in public criticism, is also the key moment of the trust, Zhang Jike did not live up to the expectations of coaching the Olympic Games, the successful completion of the task. Is all for this team to teach words let Zhang Jike fans distressed, but everyone said, head coach Liu Guoliang It stands to reason., is good for Zhang Jike. Some netizens also lamented: "Rio Olympics lineup but then the four ah, Guoping fierce competition, Zhang Jike hit the top four has been very easy, but also to be scolded so badly, but also a strong psychological." In addition, Liu Guoliang also disclosed that Ma Lin, Chen and Qiu Yike? Asked the players will travel to London to do security work for the four years before the Olympic Games, "this is the team’s most valuable asset, for young players passed down from generation to generation." Many social media account Liu Guoliang praises the management ability in forwarding this video, "no Caton course, from teaching to play in life, every sentence is the magic kingdom." People’s daily administrative micro-blog is "after listening to Liu Guoliang talk You’ll see. Chinese table tennis players, why can not the" as the title, Liu Guoliang points out that "we is the lack of Champions", and really domineering. (: static, commissioning editor Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: