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Careers-Employment Modern day hypnotherapists are mad. They are steamed at the old stereotype of the evil hypnotist swinging the pocket watch and murmuring "You are getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy". Hypnotists have long been associated with the occult or entertainment hypnosis. It is not un.mon for new clients to ask "What are you going to do to me?" "You’re not going to make me cluck like a chicken, are you?" Many business people suffering from job burnout, stress or lack of concentration do not seek treatment from a Hypnotherapist even though they should. They usually bounce from doctor to doctor with no real results. Each physician prescribes new medication and the patient suffers unpleasant side effects that makes them feel worse overall. Then they struggle with feelings of worthlessness because everyone, including their boss and their spouse, tells them to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop .plaining". Millions of clients seek treatment from Hypnotherapists for everything from phobias to weight gain and smoking. Hypnotherapists can also assist with problems such as fear of public speaking, sales motivation, stress, and discord in the work place (anger, frustration, disappointment). Although hypnotherapists know they can help people with workplace issues they don’t often get the chance because of the old stereotypes. When a business man or women makes an appointment with a Hypnotherapist they can quickly see the benefits of a few hours spent in a deep relaxed state. Clients these days are troubled by burn out, lack of concentration, procrastination and many other business related problems. Those that have been laid off need a special boost to their confidence and a renewed sense of power so that they interview well. A hypnotherapist can address these issues and more. A local banker, wealthy and highly respected in his field, was terrified of public speaking. Making presentations at meetings gave him heart palpitations and made his mind foggy and unfocused. Talking before large audiences kept him up all night and in a pool of sweat. The resolution was relatively simple. After unwinding from stress in a hypnotic state, he had access to his deeper inner mind. He was able to visualize himself speaking .fortably in front of an audience. He used a "trigger word" of his choice, SUCCESS, to remind him of his imagery of being relaxed, calm, his mind crystal clear and focused while giving his presentation and even using humor! He was also taught a technique called the "finger release" where he placed the anxiety between his fingers, took a deep breath, and squeezed the tension tightly between his fingers as he repeated, "relax, relax, let go". He released his fingers or snapped them, returning to his calm, focused self. After a few sessions, the banker gained confidence and became a fine public speaker. This is an example of how a hypnotherapist can help business people over.e stubborn issues while helping them relax and respond to business challenges calmly. Fear holds people back. Rather than push away the fears and medicate yourself, it is best to look at it or embrace it. Face the fear and then let it go. For instance a client can visualize the fear as a big monster and open an internal dialogue to explore what it needs or to understand the payoff for the anxiety response. We never have a behavior without a payoff for it even if it hurts us. For example the fear of public speaking can be a self protective action to avoid criticism. The sensitivity to criticism or judgment can .e from growing up with a critical father or mother. Clients are taught to stop judging themselves. Then they give the fear monster a big hug in their mind, and poof it disappears. Hypnotherapy is not a crutch and may not be the whole answer to a problem, but it is a tool to help people understand themselves. Hypnotherapy helps business men and women identify their problems and change their troublesome behaviors. It works best when they approach it with an open mind. It is a springboard for renewing their own personal power to be.e more effective and successful in their field. 2010, Hypnosis Concepts. Publication rights granted so long as article and byline are reprinted intact, with all links made live. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: