Golden week in railway passenger or temporary limiting peak in October 1st-meyou

Golden week in railway passenger or temporary limiting peak in October 1st trainee reporter Zhang Yiwei correspondent Lin Ronggui Guo super hearing yesterday morning, the Shanghai railway public security forecast, during the national day of Shanghai global railway to send 21 million passengers, passenger traffic is expected to peak will reach 2 million 850 thousand passengers a day. In order to ensure the safe travel of passengers, during the festival, the railway police will set up passenger observation points in the ticket hall and waiting room, and monitor passenger flow in real time. Once the abnormal flow is found, the temporary restriction measures such as "sectional release, batch pass" should be taken immediately. According to the forecast, this year’s national day peak passenger flow is expected in October 1st, sending passengers is expected to reach 2 million 850 thousand passengers, when the students flow, visit flow, tourist flow highly superimposed. Shanghai railway police will use the guardrail, a rice line and other scientific planning passenger travel road, in the entrance and other passenger flow more areas set serpentine channel, guide passengers orderly ticket, stop, get on the train, avoid passenger flow hedge. The police put the iron Zha explosion as a priority among priorities of national security work, with no leakage, no blocking "as the goal, to make every effort to set up central work. Practically, "every package must be checked, every liquid must be checked, every doubt must ask"". In the peak passenger flow, will take to open the security channel, the security staff overtime, inspection and other measures to ensure that the "hands, luggage pieces over the machine, all passenger doors, hand inspection pass" work requirements are implemented, and resolutely to all types of dangerous goods, contraband plugging in the car outside the station. During the national day, the police station on the iron to the main battlefield, will organize the "Blue Shield" squad to carry out operations, strong regulation of reselling tickets, reselling "two tickets", "black", with guest stint as public nuisance problems, and organize the "Iron Eagle" teams into the station, take the public key, secret combination on control, cross cracking and other measures to crackdown criminal offence. Hot news: since October 8th, Shanghai will fully implement the unified registration of immovable property system network transmission theory and the real situation of Shanghai paralyzed the sale of real estate loans do draw further apart rose during the 350 thousand Shanghai sellers estoppel was sentenced to 88 years to transfer the old Shanghai star Phoenix died 47 years old married man driving comfort actor rubbed anger after the head caused his old aunt on Shanghai death (map) weather forecast: Shanghai today heavy rain in the lowest temperature only 22 degrees

黄金周铁路遇大客流或临时限流 最高峰在10月1日   见习记者 张益维   通讯员 林荣贵 郭 超   晨报讯 昨天,上海铁路公安方面预测,国庆期间上海铁路全局将发送旅客2100万人次,预计客流最高峰将达到285万人次 天。为保证旅客安全出行,节日期间,铁路警方将在各售票厅、候车室设置客流观察点,实时监控客流,一旦发现人流异常,立即采取“分段放行、批次通过”等临时性限流措施。   据预测,今年国庆期间的客流最高峰预计在10月1日,发送旅客有望达到285万人次,届时学生流、探亲流、旅游流高度叠加。上海铁路警方将利用护栏、一米线等科学规划旅客行进道路,在进站口等客流较多的区域设置蛇形通道,引导旅客有序购票、进站、上车,避免客流对冲。   上铁警方把查危防爆作为国庆安保工作的重中之重,以“不漏、不堵”为目标,全力做好设卡查堵工作。切实做到“逢包必检、逢液必查、逢疑必问”。在客流高峰时段,将采取增开安检通道、安检人员加班、双手检等措施,确保“行李件件过机、旅客人人过门、手检人人过关”的工作要求落到实处,坚决将各类危险品、违禁品堵在站外车下。   国庆期间,上铁警方以各大客站为主战场,将组织“蓝盾”小分队开展集中行动,强力整治倒卖车票、倒卖“两头票”、“黑车”滋扰、带客进站等治安问题,并组织“铁鹰”小分队进站上车,采取公秘结合、重点盯控、交叉打击等措施,严打流窜犯罪。   热点新闻:   10月8日起上海将全面实施不动产统一登记制度   网传上海瘫痪论与真实情况背道而驰   房产买卖办贷期间涨35万 上海卖家反悔被判继续过户   88岁老上海著名影星凤凰逝世 47岁嫁影帝舒适   男子行车碰擦后怒踩上海老阿姨头部 致其死亡(图)   天气预报:   上海今日有大到暴雨 最低温度仅22度相关的主题文章: