Ghost – Forever Shaped By Tanya Sarne-sichen

Careers-Employment The .pany "Ghost" was started by partners Tanya Sarne and Katharine Hamnett in 1985. Before meeting Katharine, Tanya had started a number of other ventures, some more successful than others, including a sportswear line and Peruvian alpaca knitwear. Tanya named the new .pany "Ghost" as a bit of an inside joke; Katharine had claimed that the new .pany didn’t have a "ghost of a chance" of success. Fact or fiction? We may never know. Sarne herself was born in 1949, the daughter of a mathematician and a journalist. She got her start in the world of modeling and design early in life, as the subject of a short film, "Cindarella." The film depicted a young girl getting started in the world of modeling. At age 14, Sarne began modeling, later moving on to dancing, and did a screen test for Italian director Rossano Brazzi. In the end, she decided that acting was not for her and instead returned to London and began classes at Sussex University. In 1969 she married the British pop musician, actor and director Mike Sarne. She traveled extensively throughout the world and began designing clothing in 1976. Today, Ghost is a successful, high status label and pulls in millions, primarily through its sales of women’s clothing. The brand’s designs are known for being suitable for all women, not just stick-thin models. Ghost specializes in flowy separates and dresses, appropriate for all seasons and situations, a look that is timeless and never goes out of fashion. The clothing is made from a woven viscose yarn. The clothing is designed before the fabric is ever dyed or cut, leading to an attractive crepe-like appearance. In 2007, having left the .pany she started, Tanya Sarne introduced a new collection for women, called "handwritten." Like Ghost, handwritten features delicate, feminine pieces with a relaxed feel, perfect for everyday wear, and designed for real women’s bodies. In 1995, Sarne introduced Ghost fragrance, by far her most successful product. Ghost cologne for women features refreshing, crisp tones, with mildly aquatic notes. Its main ingredients include mandarin, jasmine, peaches, berries and magnolia. Marketed primarily to young women and designed for use during the day, the perfume is considered to be a rather mysterious and youthful scent. The scent is light enough for easy transition from day to night, and is appropriate for most social situations. The scent is long-lasting, usually staying in place around six to eight hours. Since the introduction of the original Ghost fragrance, a number of other scents in the Ghost line have been created and introduced, including Ghost for Man, an aromatic fragrance with mint top notes, orange blossoms and a sweet and woody finish. Other top sellers in the Ghost line for women include Enchanted Bloom, a sensual, floral, undeniably feminine scent, and Ghost Serenity, a woodsy scent with notes of tea and peony. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: