General Motors reached a settlement agreement with the plaintiff on two ignition incident

GM two "ignition" incident with the settlement agreement the Tencent Automobile News Beijing on September 7th news, according to the "USA Today" website reported that General Motors has two "ignition" incident with the plaintiff’s lawsuit settlement agreement. According to reports, in the above two events, someone involved in the process of driving the vehicle ignition switch automatically from On to Off position leading to a car accident and causing casualties. General Motors spokesman Jim – (Jim) in an e-mail statement, said the company has reached a settlement with the plaintiff in two cases, but did not disclose the amount involved in the agreement Cain. One of these cases was scheduled to enter the trial stage in September 12th local time. "GM ignition door" personal injury death case chief counsel Bob Xi Li, A De (Bob Hilliard) said in a statement that the reconciliation process in the so-called "bellwether" case has completed the first phase of the work. It is worth noting that the two cases considered in many general motors ignition door case with "leader" of the nature of the template, and the two cases of the procedure and the result is also considered the temptation of American judicial system. The defendants in the case rejected the General Motors’ economic compensation, and they failed to reach a settlement agreement with general motors. Prior to the establishment of General Motors worth about $595 million compensation fund to undertake the compensation for the victims of the ignition door. In the two case, a case has been completed the federal court trial, court judge ruled in favor of GM’s decision. The other case was dismissed by the judge as a result of the plaintiff’s admission of false evidence. Last month, a Dezhou court jury found a 2007 Saturn Sky auto ignition switch failure is not responsible for the car accident in 2011 and caused casualties. According to reports, there are already three cases before entering the trial before the defendant reached a settlement. Jim – Kaine told reporters: the jury for each accident and the reasons for the impact of the factors are very important, but they also pay attention to the reasonable demands of the plaintiff’s attention. More importantly, the jury made a careful study of all the evidence, including engineering information, which also includes GM’s wrongdoing. On the other hand, the jury also asked the plaintiff to provide strong evidence, which also makes the original defendants are more inclined to reach a settlement, which is the most equitable and effective way to solve the case." GM recalled 2 million 600 thousand small cars in 2014 to replace the ignition switch with safety defects. GM’s vehicle ignition switch failure has caused a number of traffic accidents, killing at least 124 people were killed and 275 people were injured, including Chevrolet Cobalt and Ion. It is worth mentioning that the GM "ignition" incident resulting in business crisis recalls his first year in the company CEO Marie – Barbara in the incident is undoubtedly to pass.相关的主题文章: