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Garnett career salary breaking 3.3 league history billion total salary standings 1- sports Sohu Garnett video released officially announced his retirement after 21 years of glorious years of Beijing September 24th, Kevin Kevin Garnett today announced his retirement, as one of the greatest power forward in the history of the league, in the occupation career of 21 years, in addition to a lot of honor. More than 330 million of the total salary is also ranked in the top league history. The 1995 NBA draft, the Timberwolves selected Garnett in the first round of fifth overall, that year he got a 3 year $5 million 400 thousand rookie contract, in this three years, Garnett’s outstanding performance conquered a lot of people, only 21 years old, he became the free player market grab hand goods. In order to keep the star wolves out of the 6 year $126 million contract, but the contract also caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the players, led to the 1998 lockout. In the last second years of the contract, Garnett won the League MVP honors, worth further growth in second he became a free agent, and second ca. rujierzhi, Minnesota on a piece of paper about fat lock Garnett, $100 million for 5 years. But in the third year of the contract, can not see the hope to win the Garnett, came to Boston Celtic, as was the treasure of Lvshan army immediately with a $51 million 300 thousand contract, Garnett in the remaining two years of the contract was extended for three years. In 2012, the end of the contract Garnett occupation career has earned $279 million at the age of 36, Garnett chose to continue playing with the Celtics, he re signed a 3 year contract worth $36 million. Then he removed Broolyn nets, with the increase of age, the competitive state of decline, in the outside world that Garnett would be retired in 2015, Garnett selected roots, returned to Minnesota and signed a 2 year contract for $16 million. In announcing his retirement, Garnett will be a part of the post buyout in 8 million, if not the buyout fee, the total salary of Garnett has reached $335 million 870 thousand, ranked first in the League history. Currently, ranked in the top 228 million players in the NBA total salary list, in addition to the first Garnett, the remaining 4 are the number of the Kobe, the number of the 292 million, the number of the number of the number of the number of the number of players in the world, the number of the number of the top 235 million, the number of the number of the players in the world, and the number of the total number of the world’s top 5 players, namely, the number of, the number of the players and the number of players in the top of the world’s top 328 million. (Yi Meng)相关的主题文章: