Fuzhou strive to provide 10 thousand sets of public rental housing supply expansion before the end o agogoktv

Fuzhou will provide 10 thousand units of public rental housing supply range before the end of the year to expand the reporter learned yesterday, I, by increasing the supply of land, the introduction of regulatory policies, increase the intensity distribution of low-income housing and a number of initiatives to stabilize the market, control prices. 3 years to increase the supply of residential land more than 20% in order to stabilize prices and market expectations, the city to increase the supply of land. This year the city level to secure the supply of land 120 hectares, and strive for the basis of plans in the next 3 years the annual increase of more than 20% of the residential land supply. At present, there are 21 projects in the city of more than and 800 acres of land is not smooth land. In the future will be combined with the move, to promote the implementation of the hundred days to tackle the problem, increase the intensity of the move to ensure smooth delivery, to ensure market supply. Investigate and deal with market irregularities in September 26th and in October 6th, the city has issued a "Fuzhou to further promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market a number of opinions" and the "opinions" of the supplementary notice. The former defines strict land bidding conditions, the bid bond from the current 20% to 30%, the full payment of land leasing period of 3 months, 50% payment within 30 days of payment to the date of the contract, the remaining within 90 days of full payment. Recently, the city Housing Authority, market supervision and Management Bureau, the Municipal Construction Committee, city administration, city real estate registration and trading center composed of the joint inspection unit to conduct joint law enforcement inspection in the sale of real estate, focusing on property hoarding, drive up prices, malicious speculation, reselling room number and other irregularities in the investigation. Public rental housing sufficient to accelerate the pace of construction of public rental housing to ensure adequate supply of housing, efforts to improve the rental rate. Actively coordinate the construction of the project owners to do a good job of project construction, housing acceptance and handover work to ensure effective supply of houses, some of the sale of commercial land also requires the construction of affordable housing. At present, Jinan has horsetail, Cangshan district public housing distribution, effectively improve the coverage of public rental housing, to meet the most difficult living needs. So far, the city’s public rental housing (low rent housing) has started construction of 50458 units, the completion of delivery of the 30583 units, the cumulative allocation of public rental housing units of 25357, has been completed public rental housing allocation rate of up to 83%. By the end of this year, the city plans to provide more than 7000 sets of the above (and strive for the 10 thousand set) public rental housing, public rental housing supply is expected to meet the new demand for rental. Simplify the approval process, increase the intensity of the rent. In April this year, the establishment and use of housing security information system in Fuzhou, street (township), District, city three checks all run online. Since the beginning of a new round of public rental housing to receive approval to work in an orderly manner, as of now, the office of the streets (township government) has accepted the masses through the information system for about 7100 households, deduct a certain number of patch, return, is expected before the end of more than 4500 households can guarantee qualification registration. Year by year to reduce housing security access threshold, expanding the scope of protection of housing supply. In April this year, the annual per capita income of households to apply for the original 32 thousand yuan to relax for the $34 thousand (single family income)相关的主题文章: