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To further promote the agricultural supply side structural reforms – Inner Mongolia channel — people.com.cn Xinhua news agency in October 7,   Changchun; Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council from 6 to 7 in Jilin Province, the research of agricultural and rural work. He stressed that promoting the structural reform of the agricultural supply side is an important measure to improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. We should conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to steadily promote the grain price formation mechanism reform and storage system, take the market demand as the guidance, to speed up the adjustment of agricultural production structure, product structure and industrial structure, promote the steady development of agriculture and increasing the income of farmers. Deep ocean Longtan District of Jilin City, to the fields and harvest corn farmers understand sales, and large grain cooperatives, to promote grain production and the effective way to promote structural adjustment, to the grain storage and processing enterprises, understand the acquisition autumn preparation and food processing operations. He stressed that the adjustment of agricultural structure should adhere to the market demand-oriented, play the comparative advantages, the development of green agriculture, brand agriculture, grain producing areas to improve food quality, vigorously develop the deep processing of grain, promote food planning, breeding and development, promote the integration of development of the 123 industry. Should pay attention to play an exemplary role in promoting cooperatives, professional large new business entities and leading enterprises, strengthen information service and technical guidance to farmers, respect the dominant position of farmers, to prevent the administrative order whim". In order to improve the comprehensive grain production capacity, strengthen the construction of high standard farmland, improve agricultural production conditions, strengthen the agricultural science and technology support, to ensure the basic bottom line of national food security. Wang Yang stressed up separation "as the core of the corn storage system reform to" market pricing, price, agricultural supply side structural reform. Local governments at all levels, circulation and processing enterprises, farmers have consensus on reform, farmers were prepared, enterprises have bought into city, the reform is safe start. The market and price changes brought about by the reform have promoted the adjustment of the agricultural structure and promoted the development of the grain processing industry. The main grain producing area of Northeast China should earnestly implement the responsibility, improved measures, actively guide market expectations, set up food production and marketing cooperation platform, encourage diverse market players to enter the market, proper arrangements for the acquisition of money, to maintain a good market order of acquisition. The policy should be fulfilled as soon as possible so as to ensure farmers’ grain income. "People’s Daily" (2016 10 08 April (02 version): Liu Ze Ceng Xiaoqiang, commissioning editor) 深入推进农业供给侧结构性改革–内蒙古频道–人民网   新华社长春10月7日电  国务院副总理汪洋6日至7日在吉林省调研农业农村工作。他强调,推进农业供给侧结构性改革,是提高农业综合效益和竞争力的重大举措。要认真贯彻党中央、国务院决策部署,稳步推进粮食价格形成机制和收储制度改革,以市场需求为引领,加快调整农业生产结构、产品结构、产业结构,促进农业稳定发展和农民持续增收。  汪洋深入吉林市龙潭区,到田间地头了解农民玉米收成和销售情况,与合作社、种粮大户探讨促进粮食生产和推进结构调整的有效途径,到粮食收储和加工企业,了解秋粮收购准备和粮食加工经营状况。他强调,农业结构调整要坚持市场需求导向,发挥区域比较优势,发展绿色农业、品牌农业,粮食主产区要不断提高粮食质量,大力发展粮食深加工,推动粮经饲统筹、种养加一体,促进一二三产业融合发展。要重视发挥合作社、专业大户等新型经营主体和龙头企业的示范带动作用,强化对农民的信息服务和技术指导,尊重农民主体地位,防止行政命令“瞎指挥”。要提高粮食综合生产能力,加强高标准农田建设,改善农业生产条件,强化农业科技支撑,坚守保障国家粮食安全这条基本底线。  汪洋强调,以“市场定价、价补分离”为核心的玉米收储制度改革,是农业供给侧结构性改革的硬仗。地方各级政府、流通和加工企业、种粮农民对改革有共识,农民有思想准备,企业已入市收购,改革正稳妥起步。改革带来的市场和价格变化,已经推进了农业结构调整,促进了粮食加工业发展。东北粮食主产区要认真落实责任,完善工作举措,积极引导市场预期,搭建粮食产销协作平台,鼓励多元市场主体入市,妥善安排收购资金,维护好收购市场秩序。要尽快兑现政策,保障农民种粮收益。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月08日 02 版) (责编:刘泽、曾晓强)相关的主题文章: