Fujitsu will push carbon nanotube memory one thousand times faster than flash memory zghd

Fujitsu will push the carbon nanotubes than flash memory: one thousand times as fast as one of the highest exposure rate of nanotechnology, what with carbon nanotubes seem tall on a detached soon. The day before the Fujitsu Corporation of Japan announced a cooperation agreement with the United States Mantero company, the two sides will jointly promote the carbon nanotube memory (NRAM) research and development, manufacturing, the memory speed which is 1000 times that of ordinary flash, is expected by the end of 2018 officially launched the product, the process is 55nm. Fujitsu will push the existing research in the field of nanotechnology inside carbon nanotubes, carbon nanotubes (also called fullerenes, referred to as CNT) is a very unique material, diameter of only 5 to 1/10000 human hair, thermal conductivity, hardness is 50 times stronger than steel, Xiao Bian saying the student often heard all kinds of high-tech with carbon nanotubes the foundation, including a variety of artifacts of the battery. In the storage area, carbon nanotubes by silicon sink can achieve 0 and 1 changes, so you can also store chip, and is non-volatile, the power does not remove data. NRAM storage advantages compared to ordinary flash memory, NRAM memory chip advantage too much, read and write speed is 1000 times that of ordinary flash (Nanteo website said 1000 times, the chart is 100 times), and lower power consumption, reliability, durability, lower cost. Nantero cooperation with Fujitsu, which will integrate the NRAM memory to their own chips, is expected to launch by the end of 2018, the process for 55nm. However, NRAM is still a new technology, Nantero said in 2006 that the production of carbon nanotube memory, but there has been no progress. Even with Fujitsu reached a cooperation, the production of NRAM chips or 256Gb (32MB) size, capacity is still too small, only suitable for some embedded areas. Fujitsu will push carbon nanotube memory Fujitsu will push carbon nanotube memory相关的主题文章: