French Pattern Marble The Perfect Element To Add Durability To Your Floor-demonophobia

Home-Improvement French Pattern is a popular design choice for laying pavers or tiles. Not only does it add grandeur and elegance to your indoor and outdoor walkways, but it also adds durability thanks to its unique geometric arrangement that keeps the tile tightly in place for longer. The pattern was most frequently used in the renaissance period. Also known as the Versailles Pattern, this arrangement is notable in the Palace of Versailles and other iconic Roman structures, which is why it is also .monly referred to as the Roman Pattern. Your home or .mercial space doesn’t have to be built during the Renaissance to achieve the same elegance as these iconic structures. Today, quality marble and stone materials are widely available in the market to help you get the same sophisticated look in your home or business building. The French Pattern used to be a cumbersome and expensive style to ac.plish, but thanks to modern equipment and the abundance of appropriate materials in the global market, those who want to up the value of their home or property using unique flooring and pavement styles can do so more easily. French Pattern marble tiles add a great degree of luxury and sophistication to any project. They make beautiful entryways and bathroom floor installations, especially with the subtle color variations and the natural swirling designs in the marble. If you want to break the monotony of a room’s design, the French Pattern offers an eye-catching appeal that is many times better than the grid-like, uniform appearance of other tiling patterns. Marble tiles also offer timeless beauty, versatility, and a classic elegance that adds value to any home or property. French Pattern marble pavers, on the other hand, make the perfect choice for a pool deck finish. Also ideal for exterior application, the French Pattern can truly set your outdoor pavement’s design apart, giving it a rustic yet decadent and tasteful appearance. Choosing marble as a material will also give your installation a smoother, sleeker finish as marble is a denser stone than say, travertine. Depending on your color choice, you can make marble’s natural appearance shine even more through a French Pattern paver layout. Ocean Blue is an excellent choice to create a light airy ambiance for a pool deck, but you can always warm the palette up with softer earth tones like Cream Pearl. If you are looking for the perfect hardscape that will add durability and elegance to your indoor/outdoor floors, choose French Pattern marble as tiling/paver material . About The Author: This article was written by Eric Barthelemy, who is working as the director of sales and marketing at Stone-Mart. Stone-Mart Travertine is a direct importer of Premium Quality Travertine and Marble with locations throughout Florida, including Fort Myers, Tampa, and ST. Petersburg with Naples and Sarasota opening soon. Stone-Mart Travertine has the largest on hand inventory of premium quality travertine and marble tiles, Pavers, Pool Copings, and Mosaics in the United States with factory direct pricing. Their highly trained Natural Stone Specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the ideal marble or Travertine or French pattern tiles for your project . With over 3 million feet of inventory on hand, they have the ability to work with you to create the look you want for interior or exterior natural stone projects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: