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Relationships Free to Verified Non-Profit Organizations who offer Pre-Marital Instruction Authors Charlie Michaels & Mike Brown are offering free copies of their book, Avoiding Wedding Aftershock or I Like You Even Better Now That I Know You, to verified non-profit organizations who offer pre-marital instruction. 500 copies are available and you are invited to request one free copy for each individual who will receive pre-marital instruction at your organization during the next 6 months. The books are free, you pay the actual cost of shipping them to your organization. This 160 page paperback includes tips for getting one’s marriage off on the right foot and avoiding the disillusionment that often sinks in once the hoopla of the wedding and honeymoon is over. Of particular interest to those who offer pre-marital instruction are the hundreds of questions listed in the book to help individuals understand their wants and expectations of their marriage, share them with their mate and then develop of list of agreements that the couple agrees to live by during their marriage. If you already have an established pre-marital curriculum, the book will augment your efforts and offer you take home assignments for couples. If you have a more informal approach to pre-marital counseling, you can use the book as your curriculum, assigning sections to couples to prepare for upcoming sessions with you. The book is easily understood and ideas presented can be implemented by any couple dedicated to a life-long relationship. To get your free copies, send a letter on your organization’s letterhead to: Charlie Michaels & Mike Brown 6930 Abilene Ridge Trail Colorado Springs, CO 80922 In your letter, please include the number of books requested and a phone number or email address where we may contact you. So that more groups may benefit from this opportunity, please limit the number of copies you request to the number of individuals who will receive premarital counseling at your organization during the next 6 months – or 50 copies, whichever is less. When your letter is received, we will determine actual shipping costs and contact you by phone or email. You may then pre-pay the shipping costs via PayPal. As soon as your postage has been received, your books will be shipped within two business days to the address on your letterhead. You may choose to have the books shipped via FedEx ground or USPS media mail. As an example, the total cost to ship 20 books from Colorado Springs, CO, to Chicago, IL, would be $5.89 media mail or $12.03 FedEx Ground. There are 500 books available – once they are gone, they are gone. Following is a review taken off (see for yourself, here is the link: Start off on the right foot., July 23, 1997 By A Customer It’s incredible how great an influence this little, unassuming book has had on my life. I do not know what my life together with my wife would be like had we not read this book. Although I am sure we would still be happy, this book definitely got us started off on the right foot. Basically this book asks you and your potential spouse to write down all your thoughts on basically every subject which may come up over the course of your life together. Each individual does this separately and then you get together to discuss your opinions on the long list of subjects. It may sound ridiculous, but it is incredibly worthwhile. It is essentially your chance to talk about the many facets of life which will come up over time, but instead of coming up over the course of many years, often at inopportune times (which could easily lead to misunderstanding, disappointment, frustration, anger, etc.), you talk about it in a controlled environment where you EXPECT to have disagreements, arguments, and negotiations. In some cases you will not come to an agreement, but at least you know where each other stands. Not that all of the conversations are confrontational, most are not, they are just some of the more difficult times. There are also plenty of times of joy, sadness, and great satisfaction. In the course of this whole activity, you are encouraged to write down what you decide. This becomes your "marriage pact". Again, this may sound crazy, and some will argue that it is too formal for them, but we found it to be very useful. It took my wife and I about seven full days in total, three full days each to prepare for our discussion and then four days to complete the discussion and drafting of our marriage pact. We had the luxury of time, but I believe it could be done in about a four to five day duration (about eight hours each day, with plenty of time for breaks during that time – you’ll need them!) We have been married about a year now and I believe the time we invested has already been paid back many fold. We are about to go over our wedding pact again this weekend, and I am a bit nervous, but I know our marriage will be even better as a result. This book is not for everyone, but I would encourage anyone considering marriage to check it out, especially since it is so cheap. Also, remember that if two people are preparing for their "marriage pact" at the same time, then there should be two copies of the book available (we made this mistake and I had to carry around the big stack of photocopies, which was not pleasant.) This book also makes a great engagement gift. Finally, let me encourage everyone who is considering marriage or is already married to read this book. As I see it, if done with an open mind, it can only help the two people in a marriage to understand each other and live happy lives together. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: