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Forget this check before the child in her womb removed more than and 40 myoma of the 32 year old Ms. Zhang, 6 years ago the first cesarean section and do myomectomy. Recently, want to give birth to her, accidentally found that the recurrence of uterine fibroids have been full of the uterus. In order to preserve fertility function, the doctor dug more than and 40 fibroids from her uterus. Ms. Zhang is Dongyang people, 6 years ago the first born, she asked the doctor in the cesarean section, together with the excavation of myoma of uterus. However, with the majority of women who underwent myomectomy, surgery, Ms. Zhang forgot to review. Ms. Zhang couple this year, together with a renewable. Unexpectedly, doing pre pregnancy check, B ultrasound examination results, the doctor and his frightened. In the image, her uterus is filled with large and small, dense low echo myoma acoustic shadow. In order to have a second child, in order to keep the uterus, "Ms. Zhang choose surgery surgery did not expect, we open the pelvic cavity after the discovery, before and after the patients with uterine serosa, wall mucous layer, muscular layer, broad ligament area, with size ranging from leiomyoma." The director of the Department of gynaecology of Dongyang hospital for women and children, chief physician Ge Xiaoying said, "when the abdomen was opened, I was shocked." In two hours of surgery, Ge Xiaoying, director of the team in order to retain the principle of fertility, Ms. Zhang’s uterine fibroids one by one, and the uterus and fallopian tubes on both sides were repaired. After we counted, there are more than and 40 pieces of fibroids dug, one of the largest diameter is 7cm, equivalent to the size of a small potato, such as the grain size of the myoma is beyond count. Because there is a scar on the uterus, Ge Xiaoying, director of the proposal Ms. Zhang, a year after the assessment of scar healing, if you can try to heal well. The number of patients with uterine fibroids, and diet director Ge Xiaoying said, uterine fibroids occur in 30 ~ 50 years old women, with a maximum of 40 to see the age of 50. The cause of uterine leiomyoma is leiomyoma estrogen receptors, or receptor sensitivity than normal myometrium, or high long-term estrogen content in vivo leads to the uterine wall smooth muscle cell proliferation, excessive growth of myoma formation. In the clinic before the occurrence of very small fibroids, fibroids grow up with the pregnancy, with menopause and other phenomena to prove that estrogen is a major factor in promoting the growth of fibroids. In recent years, the growing number of patients with uterine fibroids, which is mainly related to diet, such as snow clams and other high estrogen foods easily lead to uterine fibroids. "However, patients do not have to panic, uterine fibroids are generally benign tumors, as long as the early medical treatment, regular (once a year) physical examination, you can cure." Ge Xiaoying director said. "Almighty mother training" was established, and to share your experience about your pregnancy, baby don’t share all kinds of confusion, regular weekend activities, there are experts with you face to face, to enjoy the free courses, official QQ group, No. 1: 422327866 (this group is full, No. 2 (260195253): this group of new). It is said that the mother is concerned about it相关的主题文章: