Foreign media the decline of marriage completely changed China’s economic life acbel

Foreign media: the decline of marriage change Chinese economic life of American media: "marriage decline" completely changed the economic life Chinese U.S. media said, now the choice into the marriage hall Chinese is less and less, this change will bring far-reaching influence to the economic and social life of Chinese. Fewer people are getting married, which means a decline in the number of newborns, housing, household appliances and other household spending may also fall, but China needs such spending to promote economic growth. The United States "New York Times" website in September 11th "marriage decline in Chinese will completely change the financial and family" in the title reports, Liu Zhenfeng (sound) got married at the age of 25, she was in ordinary family life after marriage and unable to extricate themselves. Liu’s daughter Song Zongbei (sound) is now 28 years old, she chose another road, and another two people in Beijing flat-share an apartment, she now focus on career development and save, recently also don’t want to get married. Song said: "for me, at this stage, the most important thing is to seek personal development." Now many companies consider the needs of single groups. Many jewelry manufacturers specifically for unmarried couples launched relatively cheap jewelry. Home appliance manufacturers are selling small rice cookers, and foreign fertility service companies also want to promote Chinese women who want to freeze their eggs (single women are forbidden to freeze eggs in China). Reported that the main reason for the sharp decline in the number of marriages is the gradual aging of China’s population, as well as the harsh one-child policy caused many problems left over. But there is also a positive factor in the decline in the number of marriages, which is due to the increasing number of women education. Economics, demographic and sociological experts said that some educated women delay marriage, as is the development of the cause and foothold in the economy, and the formation of a group of women enjoy more rights and interests, the people no longer believe that marriage is the only path to secure access. Zhang Xiaobo, a professor of economics at the National Institute of development at Peking University, said: "because they are highly educated and have a high paying job, they lose their motivation to marry financially." Reported that last year, China has about 12 million pairs of couples registered for marriage, the number of marriages in the country has declined for second consecutive years. A total of 3 million 800 thousand couples divorced last year, more than double the number of divorces than they did ten years ago. Ms. Liu agreed to wait for the right to marry his daughter, but still wants her daughter to find a husband. "I want her to be happy," she said. I think it would be safer to have a home." Liu himself is single, she made the patient’s determination. Ms. Liu said: "in the past, many people fall in love are introduced to others, they just want to take the pump life, few people can free love. Nowadays, many people are against this old idea, hoping to find a suitable marriage." (source: Reference News Network) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: