Focus Areas Of Cpa – Cpa (certified Public Accountant) Training Courses In

The CPA Program has five Focus Areas: Accounting Standards & US GAAP: The CPA Program covers the modern accounting practices with reference to Accounting Standards and US GAAP. The candidates gain in-depth knowledge of Accounting Standards which are indispensable in this globalized and liberalized economy. Many corporates in India and abroad are adopting US GAAP voluntarily to bring their financial reporting practices to the global standards. Information Technology and E-Business: The CPA Program imparts the necessary knowledge and skills required for the tripartite functions of designing, managing and evaluating information systems, create and implement accounting solutions by applying IT tools and managing business electronically. Management Insights: The CPA Program is designed to provide insights into management strategy and functions so that Accounting-Business interface is understood in a dynamic format. Soft Skills & Code of Conduct: To be.e successful professional accountants of the 21st century, candidates need to possess soft skills namely Adaptation skills, .munication skills, Negotiation skills, Management skills, Interpersonal skills and Personal skills. Through case studies, the CPA Program encourages the candidates to develop these vital soft skills. Ethical Focus: The CPA Program aims to inculcate in the candidates an ethical approach in their professional interactions and a sense of personal, corporate and social responsibilities. The uniqueness of the CPA Program lies in its effective integration of all the five focus areas with traditional disciplines like Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Business Law. The Body of Knowledge NICPA visualizes the body of knowledge of the CPA Program as covering four inter-related areas: General Accounting Knowledge: a fundamental understanding of financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing systems, business law and taxation necessary to effectively function in the area of accounting. Specialized Accounting Knowledge: further, in-depth, knowledge of some of the specialized areas of accounting like Accounting Standards, US GAAP, Information Systems Control Audit, Ethics and Code of Conduct etc. Information Technology Knowledge: education in IT relevant to the study of accounting. Management Knowledge: knowledge of the basic ideas of business, such as management strategy, business economics, finance, marketing, HRM and control systems. For Whom The CPA Program will be suitable for: Finance, accounting and management professionals like CFAs, CAs, CWAs, CSs, and MBAs. Professionals already engaged in the accounting field, and who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in emerging areas like Accounting Standards & US GAAP, Accounting-Management-IT interface, Information Systems Control Audit etc. Students pursuing full-time postgraduate programs in .merce, economics, mathematics, statistics and management; Skills to Succeed. The individuals who want to succeed in this industry should have the following attributes and skills: Problem-solving, analytical and research skills Inter-personal and strong .munication skills .prehension of IT from a user perspective Broad business perspective High ethical standards About the Author: 相关的主题文章: