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Feng Bo debut at the Tokyo Film Festival evening show hollow charming waistline – Feng Bo and entertainment Sohu "out of" dust "creative wave show charming waistline Feng Sohu entertainment news on October 25th, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival kicked off, the movie" out of "dust" starring Feng Bo and director Jie Xiaodong and actor Qin Yong together at the opening ceremony of the red carpet Feng Bo wore waist hollow design evening dress, show charming waistline stunning the audience. Feng Yong Yong out of the dust, the best film is reported, directed by Jie Xiaodong, Feng Bo, starring in the film "out of the dust," was nominated for the best film in Asia in the future. The focus of middle-aged people to back to life and dream confused, describes a dream and guardian stories. Feng Bo in the film as a chauffeur, after the acquaintance with the hero two people helped each other spend busy middle-aged life, finally found his emotional home. Feng Bo said that the film can be nominated for the Tokyo Film Festival, very happy today, and other creative walk the red carpet together I feel particularly happy, although it was raining, there is no effect of fans from the heavy rain, especially enthusiastic. This is a large number of inner performances of modern urban theme film. The actors will have a very high requirement size, can accurately complete the movie is a challenge for me, but it is also a happy thing. "Double" actress Feng Bo was impressed by the film script "out of" dust "the script from concept to completion lasted three years, the film from a middle-aged man’s point of view, calling people back to their childhood dreams and passion in the increasingly numb reality of life," the dream is to have, if achieved it? It is because the script so full of sincerity and passion, moved by the movie Lily award, Macao International Film Festival "actress Feng Bo, in order to successfully complete the film, Feng Bo turned down several films, for the role, even personally experience driving on behalf of our machine" occupation life. To extract the role of body language, for this kind of pay, Feng Bo said, as an actor, you should have a good script with one hundred percent to finish it, even the icing on the cake to sublimate it, this is their own self, but also for the actor in this occupation cognition.   相关的主题文章: