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Female guy Costa cruise tour the Atlantic, help the aged and the young (2) – Sohu of Jeju Island tourism tour itinerary at noon on the second day, we arrived at Jeju Island, I and friends last year has been to visit Jeju Island for five days when the Thursday night, two exploration Jeju Island. Time is limited in Jeju Island, a total of half a day’s itinerary. The trouble with the mission embodied in here, our group has a pair of mother and daughter. So we waited for half an hour, the Jeju Island playing time is shorter. Jeju Island arranged a 3D Museum and Lotte duty free travel. In fact, the 3D Museum in Hangzhou I often take my son to play in Hangzhou, has been to four different 3D Museum, fidelity compared to the feeling of Jeju Island’s 3D Museum more than domestic, anyway, coax father and mother and the son is very happy, it will meet. Because with parents and children, not convenient in Lotte duty free shopping, we slightly to buy something, a lot of time, I would take my parents to eat a meal of tea to the duty-free shop near the cafe, ice cream, waffles……, taste good, but very satisfying and the price is not expensive, equivalent to about 180 yuan, everyone is very delicious. The day just to catch up with the Jeju Island Cherry Blossom Festival, think of last year we came to Jeju Island is the end of March, to see the cherry blossoms are missed, the beginning of April, even for a few days, the cherry blossoms are very prosperous, but not too much time to read. Fukuoka day trip third days to reach the city of Fukuoka, Japan, stay longer in the. We choose the line including Dazaifu fukuma palace, Fukuoka tower and Bodo canal city. The tour guide is a young man from Inner Mongolia in the past, for everyone to introduce Japan also said that Fukuoka is Japan’s local customs and practices, the most secure, but never an earthquake, we cruise back soon came near Fukuoka, the news of the earthquake in Xiongben, it is really a bit ironic. The first stop is Fukuoka tower, the time is limited, just a few photos of the tour. To be honest, there is nothing special about the Fukuoka tower, which seems to be slightly inferior to the newly built high-rise buildings all over the country. But the roads in Japan are really clean and the air is better. The following a car shot at random street. The next station is Dazaifu day full house, it is Fukuoka’s most famous attractions, the road to Dazaifu day full house are crowded, Dazaifu day full house is a shrine, is built in a in Japan quite influential scholars graves, so many people want to attract high school came to visit, the worship of local tourists too much, let a person see dizziness. The Starbucks home decoration style is very special, is located in the main road leading to the future full of big slaughter house, this is truly created by famous artists, is the architect Kengo kuma works. Out of the scenic spots, we bought the most famous local plum pie and baked squid. Plum pie is said to be the most famous is the old lady to do, but on the way to sell this cake, and bought a few free to try, can not say 3相关的主题文章: