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Feelings or routine? From the The Peninsula Tokyo small indeed fortunate – Sohu of Tokyo tourism has a special feeling, a delicate and extreme, orderly chaos of international metropolis, every time to pick a selection before leaving home number. Even the standardization of the service industry in Tokyo, each time to live in different hotels will have a very different experience, live down or feel the most comfortable Tokyo peninsula. Peninsula is not always the best lot does not sell, so the location of the hotel is not worse than MO. The door is the day than the valley station, next to the emperor, a few minutes walk to Ginza. Two lions Peninsula standard is valiant and heroic in bearing. The hotel where a car, a retro version of the phantom, only 3 of the world? The hotel can be seen countless works of art, which can be seen into the door of the Tokyo Peninsula cover. The restaurant is worth Tucao open in the lobby entrance design. Imagine having breakfast in front of everyone, and everyone who passes by looks back. The check-in, room. The guest corridor outside the window and discovered an unknown object mesh. Design, are all design. The stay at the deluxe room, only one grade higher than a beggar, not mistaken area is 54 square meters, with independent cosmetic cloakroom, in Tokyo is extremely extravagant. The hotel opened nearly 10 years, the room is still very new maintenance, lighting design is very good, very strong sense of luxury. There is a separate room a piece of log design of sliding door, do not know why. Anyway, I have learned that the Jewish boss style is costly, only the best of all. It is said that 51 square meters of housing in Tokyo is still the highest. The imperial scenery. It can see the sky tower? See also the bathroom design standard of the peninsula, to be honest nice. Don’t underestimate the bathroom. Oscar de la Renta, 100 with patience. I almost took the ashtray. One of welcome amenity. And do not eat what color. An embarrassing breakfast, the quality is very general. Summary: it is also worth to punch the room area, once again, after all, PH suite is not at any time can be set on the coupons. Brief introduction: ———————— fly teahouse culture media (Shanghai) for the Limited by Share Ltd’s flying off the teahouse travel network () was formally established in August 2009, has become a famous tourist community often Chinese. In this big family, frequent travelers can share the experience of sharing the airline and the hotel’s frequent flyer program, so as to make better use of the frequent flyer program and enjoy a better journey. For now the teahouse brings together a large number of airlines, hotels, travel credit card of well-known experts and experienced the Master. )相关的主题文章: