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Farewell singles to teach you how to recruit Home Furnishing Feng Shui peach [Chu Home Furnishing] want to know how to say goodbye to singles? Let Chu Home Furnishing teach you a few tricks from all over the world show affection, no longer abused! 1, crystal placed in the south-east have dragged to take dating, to urge Wang is located in the southeast of peach bit! If the bed or on the counter for the southeast best, or you can put powder, red ribbon in Southeast can! Don’t put too much black or dark colored objects in a peach. 2, rose married or are placed northwest more sweet dating people will think more sweet T, as long as the length of this position in the northwest star array can be oh! This year the Northwest Zuiji green, and the bedroom is not good in the house in the house all day. Should be placed in the northwest of red goods or 9 to thorn roses. 3, the cock placed southeast anti change all day. If her boyfriend friend saved the original La, Southeast of the peach blossom can also push flourishing can also weaken the wooden cock! Put ornaments at home in Southeast peach, peach can be reduced. But remember not to put the empty vase with bad peach. Peach also represents the popular, if you are doing foreign work, don’t resolve! 4, East BB doll placed Wangsheng want to marry or have a friend of BB, who is the festive reminder Wang Zhengdong can help get you! As long as everyone in the east the festive position red and green goods, plants or mud twins furnishings have fruit can! This year Zhou Dafu launched 1 pairs of twins and a woman a man and other furnishings, white ceramic plus gold, buy a home placed on the most suitable! East plant or twins put mud red, green decoration goods, fruit. 5, water plants can also represent the peach blossom southeast popularity popularity, popularity, do anything natural smoothly! In southeast to see more vivid colors, such as red, the better, Huang Hezi’s articles, or put any kind of water plants help popularity, improve interpersonal relationship. If you want to push flourishing popularity, can put some fresh color objects, or water plants can also offer. 6, peach, dog, rat, dragon Zodiac tiger pig peach zodiac is the dragon, dog, rat, tiger. But don’t think of yourself as you can sit the other Zodiac peach peach blossom this year, the most important is to grasp the opportunity, you will encounter the other half of their 4 yo! Peach Zodiac must take the initiative to more familiar with specific! 7, to put a peach peach often said to walk a few laps around the peach peach blossom (Peach Blossom Peach Blossom blog, news, peach blossom speak), what is true? There is no evidence that what go after a peach blossom, but will buy back the Peach Blossom Festival put more useful in the fleeting a peach. This year, the peach blossom is the southeast, walk the flower market to buy back placed on the most suitable placed in Southeast peach. 8, to go there to the southwest of the year when the first began to lucky, it can do? As long as you a door on the South West to LA, of course, to go with him to go back to dating, a peach blossom, the relationship becomes more sweet, in 9! Pink rose peach often wear heavy color clothes is not peach! Singles want to increase the peach blossom, is the best dressed in pink, followed by red clothes, these two colors have been urging Wang peach!相关的主题文章: