Fan Zheng, deputy chief executive of the car’s home was repeatedly washed by the co-founder of Hu Yo

Car home again by cleaning co-founder Fan Zheng senior vice president Hu Yongping was left inside the car home or notify Sina Francisco September 22nd morning news, Sina today was informed that the car home management was recently re cleaning. The general manager of car co-founder and Fan Zheng car used car division Hu Yongping officially left the original Hu Yongping’s business will be responsible for the safety of Kang Yan, who is president of the peace white car home new company. Co founder Fan Zheng (right) and so far, since the June 25th Ping An Trust in the name of a major shareholder in the car since the home of the car, the home of the core management has actually been replaced in the end of the cleaning has been completed by the end of the year, the company has been replaced by a large number of people in the world. The core of the management of the car has been replaced by. June 25th, Ping An Trust and the completion of the former Prime Minister of Australia, the largest shareholder of the car’s equity settlement, the official car home. Immediately followed by the majority of the seats in the board dismissed the CEO Qin cause car home and car CFO clock Yiqi, June 27th formally appointed Lu Min as the CEO Department of peace. Beginning in July 11th, sina science and technology exclusively learned, including Han Song, Li Xin and vice president, including more than vice president in charge of the first line of business to leave, and not actively seeking to leave the individual. Han Song, vice president of the media business is responsible for the car home, Li Xin is responsible for the dealer’s vice president of business. July 13th, the car House official responded that Qin, Zhong Yiqi, Han Song,, and no longer serve as the original duties of the office of the president, said in a statement. Ping Department executives further replace the related service: Chairman and chief executive Lu Min company (CEO), and the dealer supervision division overall business; Kang Yan served as president of the company, media supervision division overall business; vice president, Wang Junlang served as chief financial officer (CFO); vice president Shi Jingkui as the company, in charge of human resources. Hu Yongping, vice president of the car at the annual meeting now, had previously been outgoing was also officially announced the departure of Hu Yongping. Hu Yongping had been home to the readers of the car, beauty editor and beauty executives call, is one of the founding members of the car’s deep influence. But Fan Zheng is one of the car home co-founder, known for technology, had been responsible for technical maintenance and mobile development. After the Qin caused a formal departure, the founder of the car home Li Xiang special document stressed: the founder of the car house is very clear, that is, Qin, Fan Zheng and I. (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: