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Fall pregnant, which food can not eat – Sohu maternal and child during pregnancy, a lot of food is not to eat, it will affect their future health and development of the fetus. So, in the fall pregnant, which food can not eat? Here is a detailed introduction. Caffeine may be a lot of women have the habit of drinking coffee, but if you are pregnant, then do not drink coffee. Excessive consumption of coffee or tea and other caffeinated beverages may affect women’s physical health. The study found that caffeine to a certain extent will change the ratio of estrogen and progesterone in women, will affect the fertilized egg implantation and development in the uterus. According to scientists found that bitter gourd, which has the role of anti fertility, will inhibit the differentiation of the endometrium, interfere with embryo implantation. Spicy food during pregnancy, diet should be light based. Eat spicy food, spicy food will affect the digestive function of the body, there may be stomach discomfort, indigestion, constipation, etc.. Alcohol related research shows that drinking is an important cause of fetal malformations, mental retardation. Because alcohol is harmful to the brain and heart, and can enter the fetus through the placenta without hindrance. Therefore, in order to baby’s health, expectant mothers during pregnancy to stay away from alcoholic drinks. Refined rice or flour refined rice or flour in the production process has been part of the loss of nutrients, long-term consumption, resulting in vitamin deficiency. Therefore, pregnant women should be prepared to eat less refined rice and flour, can be mixed with some coarse mother food. Barbecue barbecue is a lot of young people love food, but not suitable for pregnant women and men. Barbecue spices are to stimulate the things lit, long-term consumption is very easy to abortion. Barbecue is delicious, but if the meat is not cooked, there will be parasites. Pregnant women are susceptible to parasitic infection, resulting in fetal malformations. Fried food fried things, although fragrant, but this kind of food for pregnant women are very harmful. Will affect the baby’s brain development, but also lead to fetal malformations. This is because high temperature destroys vitamin B. But outside the stalls on fried food, with the unknown origin of the oil and food, more harm. Such foods are often added to a large number of additives, such as synthetic pigments, flavors, preservatives, etc.. Although these additives have no effect on the human body, but for pregnant women during pregnancy is not suitable for consumption. During pregnancy, in order to nurture a healthy baby, both husband and wife to develop good eating habits, away from junk food, eat more healthy food.相关的主题文章: