F1 strategy report Singapore station Ricardo lost the chess two strokes exit safe mode

F1 strategy report Singapore station: Ricardo lost the chess two strokes F1 strategy report Singapore station sina sports news from the strategy point of view, the Singapore Grand Prix is undoubtedly one of the best games of the season. The game proved when cars are very close, while there are three tyre choices, enough to make the process of game strategy change constantly, fight hand to hand with the results. Whether before or during the game, the use of strategies can be described as diverse. Some of the big choices are worth the analysis, they’ve got some riders up and some people out of the way. In addition to leading group struggle is fierce, the middle group of Alonso, Perez and Kowert and other drivers, but also by the harvest strategy well-matched in strength ideal position. But the biggest aspect of the game is that Ricardo has the opportunity to win the championship through different strategies? Ferrari’s last stop and fell into the trap of Mercedes Benz, leading to Raikkonen missed the podium? In this F1 famous commentator James (JAMES ALLEN) will analyze the truth for you. Before the race this week, everyone was surprised by the performance of the soft tyres. As the season of Pirelli launched only a new formula, this product benefit from the updating of science and technology, in some cases the performance is quite good. On Saturday, it is also an excellent qualifying tyre and can be well maintained in 15 to 17 laps in the race. This week, the difference between super soft tyres and extremely soft tyres is minimal, and the life expectancy of super soft tyres is not very long. In theory, three stops faster than the two stop strategy. But in Singapore, it’s the key to keep track. So there are a lot of teams who want to spend less time than their rivals. From Friday, Mercedes Benz two stop strategy is obvious. At the same time, the power of India’s rivals are also worried that if the early safety car manufacturing in extremely soft tyres have the opportunity to defend king Perez’s team, will try to use a stop strategy. As a result, this has become a reality. Better strategies to help Ricardo break the championship shortage? Since the Monaco Grand Prix, Singapore is one of the closest matches between red bull and Mercedes benz. The game speed strength of the two equivalent, although Red Bull qualifying speed slightly inferior. However, this is a red bull until after the game that they have a chance to win the game. So, why did they miss the opportunity? The reasons can be summed up in two ways. The first 200th games Rosberg his qualifying performance is perfect and There was no parallel in history., impeccable performance in the race. Especially after the game, Mercedes Benz also admitted that in order to pass the strategy to help Hamilton keep third, the team did indirect Rosberg exposure to danger. In order to let Hamilton overtake Raikkonen, triggering a series of stop Mercedes, Rosberg won the final result by just 0.4 seconds ahead of Ricardo’s weak advantage. But in fact, Hamilton after the stop, Mercedes Benz did not expect Ferrari will respond, so that the pit stop, so almost kicked himself a big black (Raikkonen)相关的主题文章: