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Expert weapon children’s emergency treatment (Information Service Station) – Gansu channel: original title: expert advice for emergency treatment of children (Information Service) young children, common injuries, burns, drowning injuries and trauma, experts for children should first aid treatment suggestions. Zhou Renjie, director of emergency department of Xinqiao Hospital of Third Military Medical University, said, for children with sudden drowning, first of all to determine whether drowning consciousness, breathing and pulse, and then take the corresponding emergency measures. For the coma, no breathing, no pulse, should immediately clean the nose and mouth foreign body, open the airway, artificial respiration, chest compressions, and call 120. No coma, breathing pulse, similar to the "suspended animation", open the airway, breathing can be given. When the drowning person returns to breathe, he can lie on the side and wait for the rescuers. Coma, breathing, pulse, should clean the nose and mouth foreign body, stable lateral position, waiting for rescue personnel, close observation of respiratory pulse, cardiopulmonary resuscitation if necessary. For the emergency treatment of burns and scalds, Zhou stressed that the first time must use a large amount of cold water rinse, lasting about 20 to 30 minutes, and then go to the hospital immediately. The more common ocular trauma is the children’s emergency events, for a small foreign body in the eye, parents should immediately stop the child eye rubbing behavior, emergency disposal of the child on the eyelids gently pull forward, let there be a space between the eyelid and eyeball, let the tears washed out foreign body, no one can do a few times. (AP) (commissioning editor Tong Wang and Shao Lan)

专家支招儿童应急救治(信息服务台)–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:专家支招儿童应急救治(信息服务台)   年幼的儿童,常见的伤害有溺水、烧烫伤、运动损伤、眼外伤等,专家为此专门支招儿童应急救治。   第三军医大学新桥医院急诊科主任周人杰表示,对于儿童突发溺水情况,首先要判断溺水者有无意识、呼吸和脉搏,再采取相应的急救措施。   针对昏迷、无呼吸无脉搏的,要立即清理口鼻异物,开放气道、人工呼吸、胸外按压,同时呼叫120。昏迷、无呼吸有脉搏的,类似“假死”状态,给予开放气道、人工呼吸即可。待溺水者恢复呼吸后,可侧卧位,等待救援人员。昏迷,有呼吸有脉搏的,应清理口鼻异物,稳定侧卧位,等待救援人员,密切观察呼吸脉搏情况,必要时心肺复苏。   对于烧烫伤的应急处置,周人杰强调,第一时间一定要用大量凉水冲洗,持续约20至30分钟,之后马上去医院。   眼外伤也是儿童急诊里比较常见的事件,对于细小异物进入眼睛,家长要立即阻止孩子揉眼睛的行为,应急处置时轻轻将孩子上眼皮向前拉起,让眼睑和眼球之间有一空隙,让泪水向外流出冲刷异物,一次不行可多做几次。   (据新华社电) (责编:王彤、邵兰)相关的主题文章: