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Expert: pull cooperation into the overall cooperation and bilateral cooperation in the new stage of the Sohu news CNR net Beijing on November 19th news Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that President Xi Jinping arrived in Beijing this morning Lima air force airport, began a state visit to Peru. During his stay in Peru, he will also attend the informal meeting of APEC leaders. The secret of a traditional friendly relations, in September this year, Peru’s president Kuczynski took his first visit to choose Chinese. Should the invitation of President Kuczynski of Peru, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Peru, Peru and Chinese coincided with the 45 anniversary of the establishment of foreign trade, Peru tourism department is responsible for trade vice minister Edgar? Vasquez believes that the exchange of visits between the two heads of state in two months, highlighting the friendly relations between the two countries. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Xu Shicheng said Latin America, the President Xi’s visit to Peru, reflecting China and Latin America into a new stage of overall cooperation and bilateral cooperation. China and the United States will sign a number of cooperation agreements in the field of capacity, infrastructure and other fields. Xu Shicheng said, with Chinese Peru established in November 2, 1971 this year since the policy, just 45 years, since the establishment of diplomatic relations, both sides in the political, economic, trade, culture, science and technology, education and tourism exchanges more and more. In international affairs, the two sides understand each other and work closely together. China and Peru signed a free trade agreement in 2010, as of last year, bilateral trade has reached $16 billion. China is Peru’s largest trading partner, as of last year, China’s actual investment in Peru totaled $22 billion. Xu Shicheng said that in September, Peru’s president Kuczynski visited Chinese, presented to the President Xi, China hope to increase Peru investment in infrastructure, such as roads, railways, power plants, hydropower station, airport and port expansion of irrigation project. President Xi’s visit to Peru this time, the two sides will sign a number of cooperation agreements, especially in terms of capacity cooperation. In addition to a state visit to Peru, local time 19 to 20, President Xi will also attend the informal meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders held in Peru, the capital of the. In the challenge of the world economic recovery is weak, globalization encounter headwinds and rising protectionism under the Lima convention has gathered the eyes of the international community. Peru foreign trade and Tourism Department of APEC affairs coordinator Julio? Said that the Lima conference, the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone collective strategy research report is expected to be passed, the regional economic integration is one of the core issues of the current APEC. Chinese World Economy Research Institute of Contemporary International Relations Institute Chen Fengying told us: in 2014, Chinese vigorously advocated, APEC leaders start the process of Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone in Beijing historically. Since then, China and other parties together to carry out the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone collective strategy. Currently, the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone collective strategy has been completed, the research report will be submitted to the meeting for consideration. This APEC meeting, on how to further promote the process of Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone, to make "The Belt and Road construction.相关的主题文章: