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Expert: Network about cars and Car Parade dislocation development – Sohu news August 10, 2016, the streets of Guangzhou, a network of about car driver and a taxi driver side car while chatting. The visual map Chinese yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Authority held a seminar to discuss the organization of experts, the taxi company managers, drivers, lawyers and media representatives are consulted on the "Beijing city network reservation taxi management service management implementation details" and other 3 documents. Participants on the taxi location, cost, price, service and other topics of communication. At the seminar, the experts responded to a network about the car’s public response to the policy, said the current policy will not lead to the network about car prices rose. Experts believe that Beijing’s policy highlights the hierarchical, classified management of taxis and nets about car. Taxi is positioned to meet the daily needs of the people, the network is located in the car to meet the needs of high-quality travel crowd. Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Bureau Ma Rui again responded to the limitation of network social concerns about car must be "Beijing Beijing card" problem. He said that the implementation of the "Beijing Beijing card" is to consider positioning, the function of the capital regulation of population and functional ease and the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei etc.. Ma Rui said, Beijing urban disease is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of population disorder, a serious impact on the core functions of the capital to play. The provisions of network about cars "household registration in the city, the city vehicle" is from the management of "urban diseases", ease of non capital function requirements on account of the. According to the official interpretation of the authority, the network about the car and the car will be the future development of integration in Beijing, Beijing, through the development of the system, the development of the car and the car around the net dislocation, encourage the parade of vehicles around the transition network. The system is also clear about the car network can not provide cruise service, service prices should also be staggered with the parade car network about cars mainly to meet the high-end car rental travel demand. Keywords 1 cost vehicle upgrade about car cost per unit doubled in the new release, the network about the vehicle if the requirements in accordance with the new deal, to increase the number of operators to bring the cost? New regulations, engaged in the network about the vehicle needs to be 5 passenger cars, the exhaust is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2700 mm, new energy vehicles not less than 2650 mm. In the implementation of the new deal, can participate in the operation of the Volkswagen car vehicle depreciation expense is 1167 yuan a month, oil fee is 2600 yuan per month, maintenance insurance and maintenance costs 400 yuan per month, the total cost of 4167 yuan per month. And if the change into line with the new provisions of the Volkswagen Passat car, vehicle depreciation, fuel costs, maintenance insurance and maintenance costs were 4200 yuan, 3520 yuan and 1030 yuan, the total cost of 8750 yuan to become. If the calculation of 500 single month, then the cost of each single increase from $8.33 to $17.5. Thus, in the case of ensuring the driver’s income unchanged, the taxi fare is 2.1 times the original. Key words: 2 security network security measures about the first car company about the introduction of science and technology CEO Wei Dong, the rules on the platform’s security services put forward higher requirements, but also Ming Xu相关的主题文章: