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Even the wool is not a virgin, the old driver also let live lead: I know you are directed at the "virgin" two words that come see, some people think I said exaggeration, ask: "a wool is maiden, is not the first time a sheep the wool", every time, what you said is right, but only half right, you remember before the word "Harris Tweed before virgin wool in me and you". (content source: "Harris Tweed" Esquire) Tweed for Chinese is "wool", but Harris Tweed Tweed can only use "pure new wool" (also known as pure virgin wool, virgin wool, the wool cut for the first time under each sheep). The suit said is serious "virgin wool suit suit this said is a serious" virgin wool suit Harris Tweed why this? What is the difference between ordinary wool products? Harris Tweed is one of the oldest and most authentic branches of the Scotland flower. As different from the common worsted tweed cloth, the British local wool textile, colorful, full of change. Tweed and woolen fabrics (wool our common) is not the same thing. Italy doesn’t produce flowers, so does china. Reason and wool and weave. This paper lists some differences between Harris Tweed and Harris Tweed: the difference between woolen fabrics and woolen fabric why choose Harris Tweed? There are many reasons to choose the Harris Tweed, the most important point is that the clothes made in Harris Tweed is like a business card to tell people that you are quite aware of the clothing culture. I think there is no exaggeration, there are six reasons to tell you why choose Harris Tweed culture"! Why choose Harris Tweed? 1. Quality assurance: since the introduction of the Harris flower protection act in 1993, each meter Harris Tweed comply with strict standards of production and the legal definition of the flower of Harris. Dyeing, carding, spinning, weaving, after review by the specialized agencies. Only those who are in strict accordance with the traditional production process of Harris Tweed, will "cover" a unique "ball and Malta cross" stamp. Quality assurance 2. History: Harris Tweed can be traced back to 1846, the countess Dunmore let the sisters of Harris island in accordance with the Murray family Plaid weave a flower. Harris Tweed has always been the best choice for discerning customers. A long history 3. Original ecology: according to the law, all Harris Tweed must be produced from the outer Hebrides islands. From twisting yarn, dyeing相关的主题文章: