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A cooking vacation can be a wonderful experience for a person who wants to bring more than just memories back from a vacation. Solo cooking holidays teach people various dishes and cuisine of the place they are visiting so that they can come back home and dazzle their friends and family with their cooking expertise. Amalfi Coast covers the southern side of Italy and the region is famous for its unique sceneries and the Mediterranean style of cooking. If you are visiting Amalfi coast on a solo cooking holiday, you can join a group of tourists or sign up for a solo cooking course. The solo cooking course will be an adventure to remember as you will learn to cook from star chefs to grandmothers who have learned the recipes that have been passed down from generations. On your solo cooking holiday, you will get to stay in most comfortable villas and castles that have been converted into hotels. The duration of your cooking vacation can be decided as per your convenience and you can choose cooking holidays from weekend to full weeks duration. On your cooking vacation, you will join the chefs in their visits to the markets to learn how to pick the freshest ingredients that will be used in cooking typical Southern Italian dishes like gnocchi, pasta, authentic Napoletan pizza, artichokes and several other dishes that are specialty of the Amalfi Coast region. Gourmet On Tour is an ideal choice for people looking to enjoy gourmet holidays at some of most stunning destinations of the world including Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, US, UK, Mexico and more. It was established by Judith von Prockl in 2000 with an aim to provide food and wine lovers across the globe with a unique and relaxing culinary experience at a diverse selection of venues around the world. The solo cooking course offered by Gourmet On Tour in the Amalfi Coast region will make you feel more like a guest than a tourist. The personal attention and the warmth offered by the staff will make sure that you have a memorable visit. Each cooking class is focused on the classical preparation of food, and mastering the essential techniques. Each course is extremely versatile and is specifically designed to suit individual interests, level of experience and expertise. Here the guests are given a chance to learn all the traditional dishes that are specialty of this region. Guests of all ages are welcome. Gourmet On Tour also offers many scheduled departure dates for solo cooking holidays all over Italy from Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast to Sicily. For further details, please browse through www.gourmetontour.com . About the Author: Judith von Prockl established Gourmet On Tour in 2000, a luxury active travel company with over 80 cooking and wine around the world. Her passion for cuisine was nourished by living in Germany, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, California, Paris, Shanghai and London. With a business degree she began her career in advertising, travel publishing and with amazon.com. Now she is always on the hunt for new and interesting places to explore. .www.gourmetontour.com/aboutus.php Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Travel-and-Leisure 相关的主题文章: