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The Egyptian pharaoh object is imitation souvenirs for sale – Painting – original title: the Egyptian pharaoh object is imitation souvenirs Reference News Network reported on October 10th that the western media, a large number of Tutan Camon’s treasure and priceless funerary will now be copied as souvenirs for sale, this is the Egyptian government to ease due to a drop in tourism with the plight of the protection of cultural relics the budget caused by hobson. According to Spain’s "world news" reported on October 8th, "we want to make here these objects can be Egypt walking the world name card," imitation of Egyptian antiquities department responsible for Aiman? Hassan on "world news" reporter said. Under his leadership, more than 60 staff work on the day after day in the imitation studio, a few months ago, their first works were placed on display in National Museum, egypt. In fact, as early as in 2010 the Egyptian government began to attach importance to this issue, but then the outbreak of the riots to put it down. 5 years later, everything returned to relative calm, and the studio started. "The minimum price for imitation is between 50 and 100 Egyptian pounds (about $5 to $10), and those with high fidelity are expensive." Hassan introduced to. A 1 – 1 Pharaoh sarcophagus imitation goods prices will more than 90 thousand Egyptian pounds (about 9000 euros). "Sometimes too lifelike imitation will encounter some problems through security at the airport, so the cultural relics department decided to add some genuine and will not the same details, all replicas in order to distinguish," Hassan said. "We have the right to protect their cultural relics, avoid the" imitation of Sphinx "is representative of the cultural relics of the mass production from other countries," Hassan said, "we will not stop the work, there has been great demand." He also said that it is likely to set up similar studios in other cities in Egypt, and to provide employment opportunities for thousands of people. (compile Han Chao) (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong, Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: