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PPC-Advertising Easytraffic.biz online sweepstakes 2009 easytraffic.biz online sweepstakes is a sweepstakes that gives you money weekly.payments are via paypal the safer way to pay money online.it is a kind of sweepstakes in which you will never get bored while playing.it is just like a ptc ,the more you browse the more money you can get.these are some of the things to be done while playing this sweepstakes. 1:get lots of points:you have to browse at least 10 websites/week to stay active in each week sweepstakes.but by browsing 10 websites you will get only 10 points only,while the rest are browsing 1000+ websites each week.so if you have the desire to win you need to browse 1000+ websites each week.(takes only a few hours /week) points can be generated in lots of ways,include ,magic link,referal link,or by purchasing points. magic link: magic link is a best way to generate lots of points because all you have to do is simply send your magic link to friends or by promoting the way you like.each click on magic link will generate 2 points each so the more you send the more points you can earn. referral link:simply using your referral link provided after signing up this sweepstakes.the advantage of referring is you will get equivalent amount of points as your referral browses for their first month of joining. auto browsing;sound too good to be true,isn"t it?.if you do not have the required amount of time to sit in front of the computer,you just turn the autobrowsing feature on.it willl continue to browse still a particular category is ended.after that you have to click again and select another category.the different category include global,gambling,make money online,travel etc. please note that if you turn autobrowsing feature on the delay between each browses is 30 seconds ,while by browsing manually the time between each click is 15. WINNERS SELECTED FROM THE TOP 50: winners are selected randomly from the top 50 members.There will be three winners each week.Hence the probability of winning is high by entering into top 50.members can win upto a maximum of 50 dollars per week. Hope you will like this article about easytraffic.biz sweepstakes that pays real money online weekly.yes the price is not very big lke a lottery,but hope you will like this site.if you want to join the n simply use this link to join.it is 100% free. ..easytraffic.biz/Sweepstakes/?R=2299 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: