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Duthel Te said: I hope the US troops within 2 years of the withdrawal of Sohu news according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on 26, is visiting Japan, Philippines’s president Duthel Te day speech in Tokyo said "I hope foreign troops leave Philippines within 2 years," said again will require U.S. troops withdraw. This is the first time on the withdrawal time requirements of walter. TBS television broadcast of Duthel Te’s speech, he said in a speech: "the next two years, China will get rid of foreign troops. I want them to leave." Duthel Te once said to the United States and the "farewell" reported, seems to be considering the administration of former President Bill Aquino is concluded when the U.S. troops stationed in Philippines to pave the way for the Philippines to strengthen defense cooperation agreement, "Duthel Te said in his speech:" if it is necessary to modify or abandon the agreement, will be to do. The problem with the United States and Philippines is the military presence." It is reported that Duthel Te, 25, began a visit to japan. Prior to this, he said, has arrived in Philippines and the United States, "goodbye". But later he relented argument, he further said that Philippines can not sever relations with the United States, but the Filipinos "does not need to put their politics and politics of the United States together".相关的主题文章: