Driverless car accident should first protect passengers or passers-by Mercedes Benz chooses the form

Driverless car accident should first protect passengers or passers-by? Mercedes Benz choose the former unmanned vehicle concept Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the trolley problem (Trolley Problem) is one of the most well known thought experiments in the field of ethics, and its content is roughly a madman to five innocent people tied to the tracks. A runaway tram came towards them, and after a while they rolled to them. Fortunately, you can pull a tie and let the tram go to another track. The problem, however, is that the madman was tied to the other tram. Consider the above situation, you should pull rod? For driverless cars, this assumption is also established. If the vehicle suddenly encountered an emergency, it is guaranteed the passengers or the first person? They are reluctant to answer this question, because this is a problem without solution. If you choose to protect passengers, so passers-by will suffer, if you choose the road, who dare to buy driverless cars. However, the old car factory Mercedes Benz absolute Daredevil, they had a positive response to this problem, Benz chose Paul passengers. At the Paris auto show, Benz Corp driver assistant system director Christopher said: in the future, Mercedes Benz Level 4 and Level driverless cars will give priority to the safety of the passengers on board to ensure the safety of the passengers in the car. If it is possible to save lives, then you must first save the passengers on the car." Driverless technology is new, but the moral dilemma is old, as Christopher’s answer can convince people, we can not determine. However, the next time to do publicity, or hope that the car factory euphemism, "when you get drunk when you go home," the slogan sounds more convincing. (compile Lv Jiahui) want to see more interesting and new technology news abroad? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: