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Drink this coarse meal for the baby, reduce the frequency of cold – Sohu mother welcome to bee dad kitchen, today we recommend Recipes: purple potato, for more than 8 months baby food. It has the effect of sleeping and defecation, and more importantly, this recipe can resist tumor, enhance immunity, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent gastric cancer and liver cancer. The nutritional value and efficacy of purple potato ingredients: purple sweet potato, rich nutrition, not only like sweet potatoes, can prevent constipation, improve immunity, and special health care function, the protein and amino acids are very easy to be digested and absorbed. Anthocyanins are natural potent scavengers of free radicals. Purple sweet potato in selenium and iron (XI), is a necessary element of human anti fatigue, anti-aging, blood, especially selenium is known as the "king of cancer", easily absorbed by the body, can remain in the serum, myocardial repair, enhance immunity, remove free radicals, synthesis and cell division and growth the inhibition of cancer cells in DNA, to prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer, liver cancer. Topped the list of anti-cancer vegetables. The ingredients of tremella, have the function of catharsis, sleeping stomach effect. Tremella protein, contains 17 kinds of amino acids. Essential amino acids in 34, tremella can provide. Tremella also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron content is very high, every 100 grams of tremella, calcium 643 mg, 30.4 mg of iron. In addition, tremella rich in vitamin D, can help the absorption of calcium, prevent the loss of calcium on the growth and development of the baby is very useful; trace elements of Tremella is also rich in selenium, can improve liver detoxification, protect liver function, it can not only enhance anti-tumor immunity, but also enhance the tolerance of patients with tumor to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Purple sweet potato and Tremella collocation into porridge, not only sleep, laxative effect, more importantly, the two partner, can anti tumor, enhance immunity, prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma. Need to prepare ingredients: rice, purple sweet potato, tremella down below to make purple potato: [1] take Tremella 30 minutes early, soaking with warm water, tremella bubble, Genti removed some of the yellow, tremella cut into small pieces, spare; the lower figure [2] purple potato wash peeled, cut into hob blades, soaked in water, to avoid discoloration. The lower figure [3] rice into the pot, the purple potato water into, then add tremella, add water, food and water ratio of 1:10, the fire to boil, simmer for 30 minutes, stirring frequently during cooking porridge, avoid paste pot. 30 minutes after the lower figure, purple potato is done. The lower figure相关的主题文章: