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UnCategorized Denim is a versatile fabric that has stood the test of time. Over the ages, the styles have evolved but little else has changed. It can be worn casually or semi-casually based on the accessories that go with it. Jeans was considered work clothes until the 1950s but then the new era of fashion jeans began when film and pop stars like Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando wore them. It became a hit with teenagers and thus began a long history of several film stars wearing them and also launching their own brands and styles which have their own fan following. Designer denim jeans on the other hand are a new addition to the family of denim. The evolution of designer jeans began in Europe and once the wave of bell-bottoms subsided designer jeans flooded the market and became the craze. There are several names like Yanuk, Taverniti and others that .e to mind. The history of Yanuk denim is interesting. The owner is known as the denim godfather. Yanuk’s slogan is "Do not do what everyone else is doing". Designer jeans focused on denim fabrics with some vintage wash techniques thrown in for effect otherwise known as distressed denim. This type of denim is also termed as pre-washed, stonewashed, acid washed, ravaged/aged, white washed and super bleached. The resulting fabric has a pre-work look. The trend now is to buy jeans that already look pre-worn. Yanuk is a leading supplier for distressed denim. Designer jeans are made from high-quality fabrics milled in the United States, Japan, Italy and other places, and processed with cutting-edge treatments and finishes. The concepts, designs, embellishments, patent-pending pockets and great attention to detail and quality give it a .petitive advantage in the high-end fashion jeans market. Yanuk jeans came into popularity due to its friendly approach to shaping women’s backside. Yes, you got it. Their mission is to make you love your butt. Their unique detailing makes it very flattering and has be.e popular with women of all ages. Once they got the women’s line of jeans going, they launched the men’s collection. They also launched a children’s clothing line recently. The most popular showcase of these varieties of designer jeans is the Fashion Week. The top designers show their collections and these shows are attended by high profile personalities like buyers for major stores, the media, fashion stylists, stars and other wealthy clientele. These shows usually take place twice a year and are held in the fashion capitals of Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo. Designer jeans and accessories play a large part in these shows with several film stars buying and wearing these jeans and largely increasing the brands popularity among the consumers. Other brands owned this group are Antik Denim and Taverniti So. These brands are also immensely popular with all age groups especially the teens and each have its own fan base depending on which star endorses it. Film stars have long endorsed jeans and wear them in public in casual settings, catwalks and also on the red carpet on many award winning nights. Jeans are here to stay for a long time to .e due to their versatility. With the advent of the inter., it is possible to buy clothes off the web cheaply and often there are good bargains to be had. Yanuk, Taverniti and Antik jeans are sold in a variety of online clothing stores. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: