Domestic chip core to achieve mass production of 10 shares is about to erupt tianbi

Domestic chip microtivo production 10 shares imminent [editor’s note] China securities network related sources that the domestic chip microtivo production, this message will bring great stimulus on the entire domestic chip industry, related stocks worthy of close attention. Microtivo ZX-C domestic chip mass production in the eighteenth China International Industry Fair China, microtivo first ZX-C processor and won the gold medal. Stakeholders told reporters, following the government procurement market, the next trillion core will enter the consumer market. Microtivo achieve import substitution around 2012, Shanghai microtivo integrated circuit Co., Lenovo Group, Research Institute and the SP 4 units, to jointly undertake the task to build major national science and technology projects of domestic desktop processor. At that time, China’s Intel desktop processor market monopoly. Therefore, the focus of the core team chose to focus on the X86 structure of the processor. 2014, the first launch of the ZX-A core based on X86 dual core processor architecture. In 2016, the first ZX-C quad core processor independent design and development of mega core to achieve a production. The first ZX-C quad core processor with 28nm manufacturing process, clocked at 2.0GHz, with 2MB cache, low power consumption to 18W, Ubuntu and Windows compatible, branch Fang, bid, Price Waterhouse and other domestic kylin operating system. The first quad core ZX-C+ also joined the country by the high-speed microtivo self-developed encryption algorithm instruction. The directive is more secure, but also greatly enhance the speed of operation. Said the deputy general manager of Shanghai microtivo integrated circuit Co. Ltd. Fu City, the first ZX-C has microtivo supply Lenovo computer, and through government procurement, enter the office computer market, the first half of this year to achieve million units of production, the follow-up will be to the consumer market. Lenovo executive Changfeng Science and technology limited company deputy general manager Wang Hongwu introduction, is expected to end this year, early next year, will launch a mega core ZX-D processor, the processor will realize the chip design and manufacturing are in complete Chinese. Shanghai trillion core company planning: from 2016, for 3 years, the cumulative production of 1 million sets of ZX-C, thus achieving an import substitution of 1100. Enter the consumer market to enter the consumer market is the core of the next target. In this Expo, Shanghai microtivo integrated circuit Co. Ltd and independent innovation: first, developed series of domestic X86 processor, the desktop and server, VR solutions, and based on the mega core ZX-2000 chip VR 4 Radio 1 overall solutions at the Expo "information and communication technology exhibition" attracted attention of the audience to understand. Open ZX-C+ 8 core processor can be perfect to support the smooth operation of the VR game, the exhibition site to build the core platform VR game experience area is crowded, the scene is very hot. Based on the mega core ZX-2000 chip VR 4 Radio 1 overall solution also appeared on the same stage. The solution integrates content acquisition, terminal display, home 3D and VR all-in-one four functions in one. At this stage, the solution has supported 360 degree panoramic video live and on-demand business, the future will be extended to 3D VR games, VR gateways, etc..相关的主题文章: