Do You Know These Toxic Substances At

Health Air freshener Most air fresheners contain phenol. After being inhaled, it will cause breathing difficulties, headaches and irritate the eyes. After touching with skin, it can also lead to peeling. Refresh air with natural methods such as raising potted plants or placing grapefruit skin. Bleaching agent Bleaching agent usually contain a chemical material called sodium hypochlorite. It is highly corrosive, and will release toxic and irritant gas. Excessive exposure with bleaching agent may cause damage to the lungs and hair. It is more especially dangerous if you used bleach with ammonia because the chemical reaction occurs between them and release the chlorine. Electrical appliance Many electrical appliances such as televisions, .puters and electric blankets usually contain bromine flame retardants. It is not easily to be excreted if the baby breathes the air overflow with bromine flame retardants. At present, the bromine flame retardant has been disabled in Sweden and other European countries. Cleaning powder Many cleaning powder used to clean windows has a special ammonia odor, which will stimulate and corrode the skin, lead dis.fort on eyes and lungs. Whats worse, long-term contacts with the ammonia also damage the babys liver. Jewelries contained in Nickel Jewelries which contain Nickel may cause contact dermatitis. Toilet washer Toilet cleaners typically contain a toxic substance called naphthalene, which stimulate skin, eyes and respiratory tract. The baby’s liver and kidney may be damaged after a large number of inhalation. Every time when you clean the toilet, youd better open the window for ventilating. If there is no window, open the extractor. Plastic toy Low-grade plastic toys may contain phthalates. A U.S. study found that long-time exposure to phthalate can cause genital deformities. Try to use some wooden baby toys instead of plastic toy. Shoe polish Shoe polish contains nitrobenzene, which destroy the central nervous system and cause headache and drowsiness. With a cotton cloth dipped in olive oil, plus a few drops of lemon juice, rub on baby shoes, it will be clean a few minutes later. Fiber sheets Fiber sheets may contain formaldehyde. This substance can stimulate the skin and respiratory tract, and can never be cleaned. Youd better use cotton sheets for baby. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: