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Do you have a good reading environment for your children? – a wonderful reading trip to the mother and daughter of the Sohu, often requires a good book, plus a good reading environment. Children grow up reading interest, but also inseparable from the influence of the family reading environment, and this reading environment is not only on the external objective environment, but also has a great relationship with the training of parents. We began to feel the importance of reading for the growth of children, there are some things, if you tell the child directly, perhaps they simply can not accept. But when the children encounter you can understand the scenes from the book, get to know their favorite partners, they are willing to follow the buddy do a spiritual journey, and I quickly to form self cognition. A matter of education, there are too many truth cannot be frankly told the parents, seemingly not worth mentioning is sufficient to affect every act and every move, the growth of a child’s life, let the children be able to find the learning channel, for a long time at a wonderful reading environment, the children don’t grow, not afraid to grow up. So as parents in helping children to create such a reading environment, you can try the following several methods tested. 1, understand the child, from the book to understand the children to read a book to read a book, often able to reflect the spirit and temperament of the person. What books children read, the most used to show in life. Take a simple example, watching TV, often see the bear bear two children, also in the life habit of template bear two behavior. To understand the child, understand the children read the book, with the help of the role of the bridge books, and children to communicate, is a good choice. First of all, you don’t understand the book, reading may not be intimate with children, you read the story, may simply not the one child to hear, or even a flat and uninteresting, no plot, and even education ideas involved is fundamentally wrong. Secondly, you even the children love to read what books are not clear about what knowledge about their children, don’t talk about you always love their children, that is blind love, to give love and love, because you have to behave like a mom or dad. Finally, you do not understand the children read the book, such a wonderful reading environment is basically difficult to build up. 2, do not use a recorder to replace the mother does not know whether the technology is developed, or parents become lazy. Even the children stories are too lazy to talk, take a MP3, or simply to use mobile phone, download resources, the evening took it directly to the children listen. This is not the case, such parents have their own reasons. One is that you speak not enough vivid, worry about the children to listen to their stories too long, also like themselves, or Mandarin is not standard, or read a general endorsement of death, fear of The loss outweighs the gain. The MP3 and other electronic devices to download resources, as long as it is not particularly bad, speak better than their own. Two is really too tired, double workers family, if both sides have to work overtime, and the children read this thing, I am afraid that the whole.相关的主题文章: