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Divorced man suspicious wife before has been derailed for burglary smells acid original title: suspicious wife before the divorce derailed men out of foul smells acid burglary Justice Network Shanghai on 28 October, (reporter Jia Jianxuan) after the divorce Xinyoubugan, also suspected derailed his wife before the divorce, Liu Fei (a pseudonym) impulse, stole sulfate came to his ex-wife home, the full bottle of acid to his ex-wife and her boyfriend, in which two people were injured. The day before, Shanghai Jiading District City People’s Procuratorate to prosecute crime of intentional injury. Liu Fei in 2006 to Shanghai to work so far, and his wife Wang Hong (a pseudonym) have two lovely daughters. A year ago, two people for the separation of the two places, and later because of a trivial quarrel, and finally in April this year two people under a divorce. But calm down Liu Fei quite regret, has been looking for opportunities to compound. Liu Fei absolutely did not expect that, shortly after the divorce, Wang Hong and a male colleague, Zhao Liang (a pseudonym) to determine the relationship, and live together. This situation makes it difficult for Liu Fei to accept, because when the divorce formalities, he will have a total of two people of all the money left to the 40 thousand of the Wang Hong. In order to reduce the burden of Wang Hong, he also took the initiative to come to the custody of the child. Liu Feizi thought of Wang Hong ", but did not expect the profound friendship" for such rencailiangkong results. To his shame, he suspected that Wang Hong and her new boyfriend were together before the divorce. "I’ve been good to her, but she betrayed me." Composite hopeless, and was wearing a "cuckold", Liu Fei was furious, he decided to retaliate against the red king a wuqi. He stole a bottle of sulfuric acid, diluted it and put it in a glass bottle. One night, Liu Fei took this bottle of sulfuric acid came to the red house downstairs, call to see a side of Wang Hong, to a statement, Wang Hong refused to. He called Zhao Liang again, but he didn’t answer. The attitude of the two men completely angered Liu Fei. Because Wang Hong lived under the 32 floor is not high, Liu Fei climbed up on the balcony, the balcony with sticks smashed windows and climbed in. Wang Hong and Zhao Liang were awakened by the great noise. Two people wake up, I saw Liu Fei holding a stick in one hand, holding a glass stand in front of them, and constantly abuse them, and stick to stop the two people leave. Seeing this, Wang Hong and Zhao Liang did not dare to act rashly, only to calm Liu Fei, Zhao Liang is trying to explain he and Wang Hong is relationship was confirmed after their divorce, please don’t misunderstand him. At this time, however, Liu Fei’s emotions have long been out of control, where to listen to persuasion, a hand will be full of sulfuric acid poured on the opposite side of the two people, and no time to avoid the pressure of Wang Hong and. Wang Hong’s face and eyes were splashed with sulfuric acid, and she rushed into the bathroom. Liu Fei not Jiehen, together with the remaining sulfate bottle smashed into the wall, smashed the bottle after the sulfuric acid spilled on Zhao Liang’s face, Zhao Liang suddenly felt a pain. Panic, Wang Hong and Zhao Liang has run out of the house. Liu Fei seems to get back after a little sensible, he followed the two men came downstairs and saw the pain of the appearance of Wang Hong, he quickly found the staff downstairs to deal with her wounds and alarm. Soon face相关的主题文章: