Difficult to guess! The biggest challenge of driving a car is to communicate with pedestrians (video nrf905

Difficult to guess! The biggest challenge is actually the automatic driving vehicle and pedestrian communication Tencent digital news (Wen Xin) according to the "MIT Technology Review" website reported that the biggest obstacle facing the automatic driving car is not tracking other vehicles or obstacles are not familiar with, but the strangest and most mystifying phenomenon: human behavior. A start-up company called Drive.ai that takes human computer interaction as a key part of its strategy. The company has more than researchers from the Institute of artificial intelligence, is developing a system that can be trained to interpret the data from the sensor and control the behavior of the car. More often, however, they are also exploring ways to learn how drivers and pedestrians behave. In the next few weeks, Drive.ai will begin testing in California to automatically drive a car, equipped with a display screen and audio system to facilitate communication with pedestrians. This effort may prove to be very important, especially in the case of the first automatic driving cars may not be able to truly achieve unmanned. Google driverless cars have external airbags to avoid pedestrians injured Drive.ai co-founder and CEO Carol · (Carol Reiley); Reilly said, "all people are talking about the magic of the world: all the cars on the road are using automatic driving technology." Reilly is John · Hopki expert robot, previously of the medical robot. "MIT Technology Review," she said, Drive.ai unique is that the machine learning technology for car travel and human-computer interaction. She pointed out that some of the daily interactions such as the addition of a driver to stop apologizing, at the crossroads of other people let yourself first by thanks, the self driving cars will be completely different. He said, "I expect people’s behavior because of auto drive change." She said, self driving cars may need to make different movements in different position, it takes time to determine the optimal action, "but we think we need to consider the role of people from the beginning, to find effective solutions". Drive.ai’s first product will be the general car into a car driving the required hardware. It will be offered to companies that operate on a specific route, such as a courier company or a taxi company. In addition to controlling the sensors and systems required for the vehicle, Drive.ai’s first product also includes a communication system mounted on the roof and a new vehicle system interface. "MIT Technology Review," said Drive.ai will test the use of text, sound, light, and even action with the driver and pedestrian communication. The roof mounted display will tell when pedestrians can cross the road safely, requiring other drivers to make way. The system makes use of the technology of deep learning, and it is very powerful to learn how to finish the task which is difficult to be accomplished by the machine. Brian, a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies automation and driver behavior, · (Bryan Reimer), said the agency and the person who developed the autopilot system!相关的主题文章: