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Did you do the right thing for the first time in your life? When the Sohu on maternal age two season weather be neither hot nor cold, many mothers put their children weaning on the agenda. Weaning for children, can be described as the first separation of life. When the child is born from the mother, the child’s consciousness is still in a state of integration with the mother, hungry, there will be warm breasts and sweet milk in time. Gradually, the child will gradually realize that I am me, my mother is my mother, my mother and I are two people, but breast-feeding, mother and child is still connected to the moment. Until weaning, the child will be fully aware of a separation with his mother. However, many mothers for when weaning, weaning, weaning, and so on what to pay attention to problems such as confusion, anxiety. I hope this article can help these mothers. The more anxious the mother, the more difficult the child weaned I saw a mother, in the period of weaning children, the children crying in the house, my mother crying outside. Often tempted to accompany the child when wiping the tears away. Think breastfeeding intimate time gone by, watching children at weaning cry piercing himself, hardly wished to live. Weaning, whether for children or mothers, can be regarded as a separation anxiety experience. Cut off the supply of milk, once that rely on their own and the little guy seemed less attachment to yourself, you will feel great loss, lose the sense of self value, which makes the mother the mood is not good. In particular, her mother usually get family care and care is relatively small, more likely to experience anxiety, depression and other emotions during the weaning. However, the mood is passed, will be the first time the baby was aware of. The child can deeply feel the mother’s anxiety and depression, and try to cope with the mother’s anxiety, do not accept the weaning thing. At this point, it can be said that it is my mother will wean the matter becomes more and more complex, more and more difficult, the more the longer the delay…… ? the timing of weaning is not according to the length of time division feeding many mother will ask what time the child is weaned right, there is no digital specific standard, such as half a year old, or a year, or even longer? Maybe someone will say half a year after breast milk is not nutrition, but there is absolutely no scientific basis; maybe someone will tell you well enough at the age of 1 is good, because 0-1 years old is the child’s oral stage, you can smoothly after weaning; maybe someone will say with you 2 years of weaning the most appropriate, because the best WHO recommends breastfeeding to 2 years. And I think, when weaning, is not simply a division of time, do not have to listen to anyone. Because, this thing, you and the baby say. As long as the mother and baby are well prepared for the psychological weaning, laying the groundwork for the baby; physiology has accepted food and milk powder. Your baby is weaned or signal, such as breast milk is no longer attached, less and less, more and more love other meals etc.. Ready to be weaned. Break.相关的主题文章: