Department of Defense the first aircraft carrier hull outfitting is closed forming

Department of Defense: the first aircraft carrier hull outfitting is closed forming Wu Qian: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon everyone! Welcome to attend the Defense Department press this month in the autumn rain. First of all, welcome a group of new friends, they are from China Foreign Affairs University, Hongkong civil service and the PLA Logistics Institute friends, welcome you! The weather is cold today, we prepare tea, put in the hall door, please pick up. We can drink tea, while interested in the exchange of questions. Thank you all! I have five information that needs to be released. First, a commander of the Burma Defence Force souces to visit china. Commander of the Burma Defence Force General min Aung Hlaing rate of senior military delegation from October 28th to November 3rd an official visit to china. During the meeting with China’s national and military leaders will meet to discuss in-depth exchange of views on bilateral military relations, international and regional situation and other issues. The delegation will also visit the relevant military units. Second, on the Zhuhai airshow. November 1st to 6, the eleventh session of Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition ("Zhuhai airshow") will be held in Guangdong city in Zhuhai province. At the invitation of the Chinese side, the Russian Air Force "warrior" and "swift" aerobatic team mixed formations, the British air force aerobatic team and the Pakistan air force will be performing in the show during the flight. Among them, the Russian "warrior" and "swift" mixed formation by Su -27 and MIG -29 fighters, will be the first mixed flight performance outside russia. The British air force aerobatic team 12 "Eagle" type of trainer for the first time in China in. Pakistan Air Force 3 fierce dragon fighter appeared. In addition, the "81" Chinese air force aerobatic team 6 F -10 fighter aircraft will also be participating. Then, the Sino Russian air force will be four Embarcadero’s play, the number of which is also the highest in Zhuhai airshow ‘aerobatic team and the aircraft. Third, on the Sino Vietnamese ninth defense security consultation. The two sides agreed that the Department of defense ninth defense security consultation will be held in Chengdu in November 4th, chaired by Vice Minister of the Central Military Commission, deputy chief of staff of the Joint Chiefs of staff general Sun Jianguo and Admiral Ruan Zhiyong, the Vietnamese Ministry of defense. The two sides will conduct in-depth exchanges on bilateral military relations, international and regional situations and other issues of common concern. The fourth session of the joint working group meeting on the "four mechanisms" of the second. The second joint working group meeting of the four armed forces in Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and Tajikistan will be held in Beijing from November 8th to 10. Period, the two sides will exchange views on specific mechanisms of cooperation. Four mechanism is designed to implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the four countries to strengthen cooperation in counter-terrorism cooperation between countries in the region, deepen cooperation in counter-terrorism cooperation between the four countries, is not directed against any country or international organization. China is willing to work together with all parties to enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation, strengthen the building of counter-terrorism capabilities, and promote the four mechanisms continue to take real. Fifth, the United States and China on humanitarian relief joint military exercises and research exchanges. According to the consensus reached by the two armies, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Southern theater army and the United States Pacific army, will be 11!相关的主题文章: