Denton Texas Home Sales Reduce 44n November

UnCategorized Denton Texas homes values were down 44% in November 2011 over the same month last year with 27 homes selling this month .pared to 48 sold this month last year! For the 2011, year to date, overall home sales were down 7% with 465 homes sold .pared to 502 homes sold last year. New listings in were down 10% for the same period last year with 54 homes listed as .pared to 60 listed this month last year. For the year 2011, overall home listings were down 15% with 741 homes listed as .pared to 873 homes listed last year. Listings under contract were down 5% with 37 homes listed .pared to 39 homes listed this month last year. Listings under contract for all 2011 were down 3% with 489 homes listed as .pared to 506 listed for all last year. The average sales price of homes was UP 8% to $115,104 as .pared to $107,104 for this month last year. The overall year of 2011 average sales prices were down 1% to $127,126 as .pared to $128,090 last year. Sellers received 93.4% of their asking price this month as .pared to 88.5% this month last year. The average days on the market until sold was 75 days .pared to 106 days for this month last year down 30%. The current supply of homes on the market was 223 homes, down 18% as .pared to 272 homes from the same period last year. This is 4.8 month supply of homes on the market down 13% as .pared to 5.5 month supply from this month last year. The DFW Metroplex is also known as Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Metropolitan Statistical Area, a title designated by the U.S. Census which en.passes 12 counties within the U.S. state of Texas. The area is divided into two metropolitan divisions: Dallas Plano Irving and Fort Worth Arlington and is .prised of over 100 area cities both incorporated and unincorporated. The DFW Metroplex is, by population, the largest metropolitan area in Texas, the largest in the South, the fourth-largest in the United States, and the tenth-largest in the Americas. The DFW Metroplex en.passes over 9,000 square miles of total area, making it larger in area than the U.S. states of Rhode Island and Connecticut .bined. It is also the sixth largest gross metropolitan product (GMP) in the United States, and approximately tenth largest by GMP in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: