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To leverage, "across the board" no (focus) – Finance – drawing: Cai Huawei – back in August 29th, the "Financial Review" published "investigation" of corporate debt Su Luji black four disposition of the province — "deleveraging, enterprises have? ", reported the current enterprise’s real debt situation, as well as related parties, in efforts to leverage in the process of confusion and difficulties, and the allotment of notes after the throes of a" new ", caused widespread concern. In the report, the reporter pointed out that China’s current overall debt level is not high, but the rapid rising and uneven distribution, especially the level of debt of non-financial enterprises is relatively high, become our country in recent years to promote the rapid rise of the leverage ratio of main factors. The economy is facing downward pressure, some enterprises to leverage "will, not ability, there are" bad bank "difficult to leverage, leverage is good" situation, because the enterprise to leverage and encounter difficulties phenomenon and taofeizhai behavior, increase the risk of financial institutions and economic operation. The overall leverage rate can be reduced, the key in the enterprise, the difficulty is also in the enterprise. The survey, the reporter visited the 4 provinces and cities in the relevant government departments, as well as the 63 companies, the 74 banking institutions in the province, the city’s 8. The focus on the "ask", focusing on "the solution". Today, we launched the investigation group reported the rational discussion of solutions to effectively leverage, to break the "dilemma", hoping to provide a reference to the relevant parties, bring the inspiration. –     a solution: force to go, the creditor is like carrying a team of wood, we step neatly, you can share the debt pressure, companies still hope. If any one does not carry away the wood, instantly collapsed "" the creditors’ committee set up before the change of financial institutions, to fight the enemy separately "pattern" creditors like lifting wood team, we can share the pace of neat, debt pressure, enterprises still have hope. If any of the links out of the question, there is no one to walk away, the wood will collapse instantly." Heilongjiang coal group chief accountant Song Yunfei said. At the beginning of this year, the debt crisis of the Dragon coal group was even unable to pay wages, causing widespread concern at home and abroad. Now, in the new starting point of the Longmay get respite, began reforming the road. Dragon coal can evade debt burden, easy to move forward, the creditors’ committee has merit. From the beginning of the year, the CBRC requires all banking institutions for corporate clients set up by the creditors’ committee, debt Commission in accordance with the "one policy" principle, increase the stability of collective research loans, loan reduction loans, restructuring and other measures, in order to carry out debt restructuring, asset preservation, help enterprises overcome difficulties. From the reporter’s investigation of the implementation of the Soviet Union, Shandong, Hebei, black 4 provinces, this system has played a positive role, reducing the possibility of competing pumping credit, credit limit behavior. Under the Heilongjiang banking regulatory bureau, the Dragon Coal Group creditors’ committee to guide the creditor’s Bank to the existing credit balance based on the lock of debt, not pumping loans, not limited to loans, not pressure loans, stable business expectations,相关的主题文章: