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News-and-Society In this age of fast technological changes and evolving market dynamics, it is essential for a leader to be proactive. He has to be a person who makes thing happen rather than waiting for them to happen. Daniel Assouline is the CEO of Montreal, Canada based, UpClick.com. He is a development oriented leader who seizes opportunity by its neck and loves challenges. He is a person who actively takes initiative to improve the existing condition or create a new opportunity rather than waiting passively for things to happen. A person with high proactive personality, he creates opportunities for growth and development, shows a positive inclination towards taking meaningful actions, and works tirelessly to get results for his organization as well as his clients. A good and effective leader sees opportunities even in constraints or obstacles. They believe that challenges and other impediments are just tests of human endeavor and resilience. Leaders act as change agents of their organizations and continuously challenge status quo. Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal, Canada, based e-commerce solution provider, UpClick.com, is one such leader who demonstrates a high level of entrepreneurial spirit and actively engages with his employees and clients. Another very important characteristic that any modern leader should possess is excellent communication skills. In many industries and sectors, communication or the lack of it can mean the difference between life and death. In 1977, in one of the worst aviation disasters in history, 583 people lost their lives since the Dutch pilot and the Spanish controllers could not understand each other. This example shows how a simple miscommunication can have tragic consequences. In organizational context, communication serves many purposes. In absence of effective communication procedure, subordinates cannot air their grievance to their manager. The situation worsens with time since due to the absence of an effective grievance redressal procedure; employee morale suffers which greatly hampers their productivity. Another important part that communication plays is that it fosters motivation within the organization. Employees are given clear cut instructions as to what is their job, how they need to carry it out, and how can they bring about improvement in their performance. Communication also facilitates decision making since data is transferred through relevant communication channels which helps top management take decisions by weighing the pros and cons of certain decisions. The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously. There are some leaders who treasure the sound of their voice over everything else. Such people make exceptionally poor leaders because subordinates do not listen to them or take them seriously. They may be forced to follow their leaders instructions but quit once they get a better offer. Organizations like UpClick, thanks to the initiative of its CEO, Daniel Assouline, value and encourage good employee relations and give high priority to internal communication. This keeps the employees satisfied and motivated by providing them with an outlet for their emotional expressions and ensuring them that their opinions matter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: