Daily excellent fresh single crab inexplicable sign ca1290

Daily and fresh crab single sign was inexplicable Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Chen Konka) yesterday to the newspaper, she was 20 in the daily and fresh client to buy a lot of seafood products, other goods will arrive soon, but four crabs long disappeared, try to apply for a refund but found the order shows the goods have been sign, cannot apply for a refund. This reporter contact with the daily excellent customer service staff, the staff after the inquiry, the order for the exception of orders, said it would verify the distribution site, such as the delivery will not be a full refund. Ms. Chen told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, in August 20th, she was in a single day to buy a single batch of fresh seafood, in the afternoon, in addition to crabs, other goods have been served. The next day she called the customer service phone, was told to buy crab coupons to the site to extract, and coupons will be served in the next day, let her wait patiently. However, Ms. Chen wait several days have not yet received the crab, also did not receive a coupon, call again daily and fresh, the staff said has not yet shipped, advised her to apply for a refund on the client. I thought I did not buy the achievements of it, but found that this order has been signed after being signed, there is no way to apply for a refund." Ms. Chen complained that she had chosen daily and fresh because the other side is delivered quickly, usually arrived the same day, but the past more than and 10 days, the crab is not mouth to eat, "the key is that I didn’t see a crab two did not sign, how to sign is not clear." Reporter Chen provide order information query, display in August 20th she spent 198 yuan to buy four crabs, and other products in the same order, the goods next to indicate the next day, "heard that you have to sign for the parcel in the order information, if you have any questions, please contact us, and in the commodity the main page, but the display has been paid but did not enter the distribution process. The reporter called the daily and fresh customer service phone, the staff explained that due to the Ms Chen’s orders for the "speed up", general merchandise distribution will be completed in two hours, three hours in the system will automatically sign, upon request of the orders of other commodities have been completed delivery, and the goods are not shipped, but order display "has to sign", belongs to abnormal orders, they will contact the distribution site as soon as possible, such as did not confirm the shipment will be a full refund. Clue: Mr. Chen   into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: