Cross-border financing anime + era-plants war

Cross-border financing anime + era? The day before to see the Industry Statistics said that in 2015 the total output value of animation industry has exceeded 120 billion yuan, the growth rate in 2016, or up to 30%; and in 2006, China animation industry output value of 14 billion 75 million yuan. Only 10 years of nearly 10 times the growth of exciting. According to this development, the future of China’s animation industry to 200 billion yuan can also be expected to scale. The past two years, the animation film and mobile games represented by the animation industry is moving from the era of agriculture to the industrial era, has become a tuyere, animation industry capitalization trend irreversible. Animation brand licensing market has also been booming, from being challenged, being questioned to be accepted, respected, it is not easy to develop. Looking back 13 years ago, I joined the line, with Altman’s VI (VisualIdentity, visual identification system) and StyleGuide (the style guide) and colleagues to see customers, often encounter declined even disgrace thrown out. At that time, many entrepreneurs do not understand animation brand authorization, most people are not aware of the hardships of the construction and maintenance of the brand, that we are in the "sleight of hand". In 2003, our company’s exclusive agent by Altman in China copyright income less than one million yuan, the authorized manufacturers basically from the circle of friends, are holding a supportive attitude, rather than in the product development and promotion of more investment channels. Until 2004, Altman children’s shoes in the market hot up in advance, 3 months after the grand shipping line to let them see the great influence of animation brand. After 10 years of development, today, we are pleased to see the animation meet the eye everywhere traditional industries such as stationery, toys, clothing and shoes, food and beverage, cosmetic or Home Furnishing, with animation image and improve the visibility of products and enterprises, improve the level of corporate profits, or by the animation brand integration of resources to increase its core competitiveness, boost industrial upgrading. Even more gratifying is that we also see HelloKitty, One Piece, Altman, and other cartoon theme restaurants, pleasant goat cafe, ice cream shop, see the Miffy subway train, tram, pleasant goat HelloKitty aviation aircraft, to see the body, commercial real estate, commercial real estate, tourism real estate and animation to various theme activities as the 90 anniversary of Taikoo Hui Guangzhou Disney theme exhibition, Batman wars Superman theme exhibition, Avengers theme exhibition. Particularly exciting is the luxury LV latest spokesperson this year, it is the famous "Final Fantasy 13" two dimensional actress Lightning GUCCI (thunder), and Japanese cartoonist Araki Hirohiko cooperation, the use of social network Burberry in the London Fashion Week and Line during the Brown bear and Minnie rabbit and cooperation; the comparison of the fire intelligent technology have also been seeking animation brand cooperation, in order to quickly open the market. Thus, catering, banking, transportation, culture, real estate, luxury goods and other industries are leveraging the intelligent technology in the animation brand, to achieve.相关的主题文章: