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UnCategorized Crocs Inc. is a .pany that many of us may be familiar with. This .pany is responsible for the design and manufacture of all Crocs shoes. In 2006, they won the Top .pany Retail/Wholesale award. For this growing business, the estimated total sales in 2005 stands at an impressive $109 million. Their innovative shoesdesigned to help increase .fort and safetyis one reason for their financial success. Slip Resistant Crocs The original Crocs shoe was designed and marketed as boating and outdoor footwear. These shoes were designed to allow more ventilation than many closed toe shoes, and provide more stability than most sandals or flip flops. Slip resistant Crocs were seen as a good mens and womens slip resistant shoe because of the unique tread pattern. In recent years, this slip resistant shoe has gained popularity in a wide variety of professional settings. Crocs Velocity The .panys original shoe design was backlessminus a .fortable strap across your heeland made out of a material called croslite. One of the newest slip resistant shoes released by this .pany is not made in their traditional style. Crocs Velocity shoes are a sneaker with a sole made out of croslite material and the innovative Crocs tread pattern. This shoe is ideal for those working in health care, food services, or in any environment where the floor could be either oily or wet, but an open toed or backless shoe is seen as impractical. Crocs Bistro The Velocity shoes are not the only shoe this .pany has modified for the workplace. The Crocs Bistro design is a shoe that is a more traditional Crocs shoe. The shoe has a low rise back and heel strap. This style is more secure and .pletely closed toe. This is to keep your foot shielded. These shoes are also made from the croslite material and perfect for anyone working on their feet for an extended period of time. Crocs have be.e a popular brand for numerous reasons. The unusual design is both eye catching and unique; the croslite material provides the wearer with .fortable footwear, but many do not realize that a huge part of the success of these shoes is their tread pattern and slip resistant design. Womens and mens slip resistant shoes are just one corner of the footwear market that Crocs Inc. has capitalized on. Both the Bistro and Velocity shoe are .fortable and slip resistant. They are just one example of why this .pany is a flourishing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: