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Creating campus education " " and " cold heat; "   to further promote the need to be crossed a few Bank – Guizhou channel — original title: Creating Campus Education " " and " cold heat; " further promote the need to be crossed a few bank products in the field of creative students. Nanfang Daily reporter Zhu Hongbo photo to travel home in the plant? The students of Grade 7 in Longhua experimental school English hit off the invention of an automatic irrigation machine plant, when unattended, can automatically detect the temperature, humidity, light, timely watering; learn to read, how can such lamps also prevent myopia and hunchback? Liyuan primary school 3 students hit off the invention an energy-saving reading lamp can solve the problem…… The 13 day, as the "double week" key activities of the second Shenzhen students hit off the festival (2016) kicked off by a student and show off work, creating the project roadshow experience, creating education exchange and other forms of activities, to fully display the new progress and new achievements of creating education in primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen. In the open, exchange, sharing atmosphere, contact cutting-edge technology, stimulate creativity, creativity will be achieved, the creation of the meaning of the meaning of the education sector has been recognized and welcomed by the education sector. Only about 8000000 of Israel’s population was born out of the Nobel prize winner, an important basis for innovative education is more than and 10." Fan Kun, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of education, said in a speech on the opening ceremony of the students. In fact, the creation of customer education in Shenzhen is very hot, the vast majority of schools in the field of basic education has launched a customer education. In the "hot" and "cold" thinking, how to overcome the problems of teachers at present, cultivating students’ innovative thinking, practice and ability of solving problems in the field of basic education, the real answer "Tsien Hsueshen ask", Shenzhen is a pressing matter of the moment. "Hot" the city’s 684 primary and secondary schools to carry out a customer event "Shenzhen campus of the customer education is how hot, go to the students create a holiday will know." A teacher who is engaged in creative education. In this year’s student creation Festival, to participate in the creation of customer education courses and excellent community show schools and enterprises have more than 97. While the students creating works display and roadshows area have been packed. Many students dressed in school uniforms are excited to introduce their creative works to visitors. Creating education is an important part of public entrepreneurship, innovation "strategy, is the cultivation of" double "new and important strategic deployment to further release the creativity of the whole society productivity. Innovative education can cultivate students’ independent innovation spirit and practical ability, which is the most criticized by the outside world, the lack of domestic students. Therefore, many regions and schools in Shenzhen have attached great importance to innovative education. For example, in Longgang District, the creative education into the annual white paper, create customized education top-level design, within three years, all citizens schools create students creating practice room, and give special funds 10 million yuan a year, to carry out a special guest education development; in Baoan District, 100 thousand yuan to give financial support to carry out a passenger school year, the District Education Bureau also introduced the virtual robot etc.)相关的主题文章: