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Consumer complaints millet 4 mobile phone explosion has recovered detection – Sohu official news recently, a consumer of Shanghai Mr. Wang told the surging news (reporters) claimed that in July 2nd of this year, they use millet 4 mobile phone exploded, then he repeatedly contact millet, but the two sides did not reach an agreement on the results. November 12th, Mr. Wang said the company agreed to millet phone recycling and received a refund. Millet company said that at present the mobile phone of deflagration is not clear, will be on the recovery of mobile phone detection. "The morning of July 2, 2016, mobile phone on the table, and a mobile phone screen suddenly burst, the flames coming out, because there is a file on the desk, I quickly put the mobile phone on the ground, the violent explosion occurred, and the black ground. At that time the phone is not charging or other human operators." Mr. Wang contacted millet customer service on the same day, customer service in July 3rd to send staff to Mr. Wang’s home to see, Mr. Wang said, the staff later told me that this is not my personal reasons. The battery cover can’t be opened. I can’t get the phone to explode." Millet maintenance staff to view the explosion in the home phone. Wang believes that the phone exploded, the need to entrust third party testing, but millet customer service said it must be recycled by the company to detect millet. "I don’t agree to take the mobile phone without a solution. I do not think millet can detect their own, it is not fair." Mr. Wang said, since no one took the initiative to contact him, millet company for compensation and no claims. He can only call again around July 20th millet, millet staff said he did not have the authority to solve. I have also asked the Jingdong to ask for return, Jingdong said the need to communicate with millet, until there is no reply." I learned that the situation is that in September 28th, we inform the user can go back process." November 8th, Yin Lei, deputy director of the public relations department of the millet brand market to the surging news reporter said that the company’s customer service has made contact with Mr. Wang, and agreed to give him back, but Mr. Wang called for a refund of three. Customer service, said millet must take the explosion of mobile phones for testing, this request was rejected mr.. "We were put forward is to reclaim this paragraph of the mobile phone, give the user a standby machine." Yin Lei also said, "customer feedback, the mobile phone is burning traces of man-made leveraging." In addition, Yin Lei admitted that, after verification of Mr. Wang really raised the third party testing requirements for the explosion of mobile phone customer service, but has not reported the matter, "if the user expressed the need for third party, we will also support." Mr. Wang said, I bought this life-threatening safety products, millet, said only for a new. I told millet company, and then give me a model of the same product, I have a shadow. Millet said that there is no way." Wang said that if there is no specific test programs and compensation measures, he will pass the consumer protection law to rights. On the afternoon of November 8th, Mr. Wang feedback, he has agreed to the company’s recycling millet phone, go back the same day, refund process. November 12th, Mr. Wang received a refund. Yin Lei said that as of now"相关的主题文章: