Constrained by environmental regulations Ferrari will only sell hybrid vehicles shishangqiyi

Constrained by environmental regulations, Ferrari will only sell hybrid vehicles. If Ferrari wants to make more money, it will need to sell more cars. If you want to sell more cars, it needs to become more environmentally friendly. After 2019, the company will only sell hybrid vehicles. According to Automotive News website news, Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio · Marchione said that after 2019, all Ferrari models will use hybrid systems. At the same time, Marchione believes that the next ten years, Ferrari’s annual sales will increase from the current year to more than 8000 vehicles per year to 10 thousand. Currently, Ferrari’s sales target if set in more than 10 thousand words, this figure is very difficult to achieve. The reason for the failure is not related to the company’s production capacity. Constrained by the relevant environmental regulations, Ferrari can only limit the number of cars sold. Therefore, the best way to increase sales is to join the electric drive system. Ferrari currently has LaFerrari (with reference, pictures, inquiry) oil and electricity hybrid series. This year at the Paris motor show, Ferrari also exhibited a LaFerrari Aperta convertible hybrid cars.相关的主题文章: