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Constellation sincere words: Scorpio’s funny than the attributes of the fear of urine Gemini (Figure) Scorpio with the twins together, hidden funny than the property has been fully developed! Gemini is the only surprise but he shook his head and sighed, how to become such a silly wife…… Sina constellation 11 Friends 11 love said to Sina Aibo sign Scorpio funny than attribute Gemini scared urine before I met you, I was a shy little scorpion, very quiet, very independent. But when I met you, I found myself changed a lot, I do not seem to be a pure Scorpio, but became a Gemini scorpio. I became very cheerful, very curious, but also a lot of change, I found that I have many characteristics of the twins. I have never liked to talk to people who are not familiar with, but I like to talk to you, although I am not very familiar with you at the beginning, but I will be very happy to talk with you. At the beginning, I love to listen to you, see you’re in high spirit, I would like the mime a smile. Gradually I became very talkative, because I want to communicate with you more, into your world. Love with your wits and bickering, occasionally several times in the debate I hit can make you unable to return, to show the white feather. Sometimes talk nonsense to you tired of waste, frowned, feel really become very talkative. The most like to see your side of the helpless shook his head and sighed: "you are with who learn it!" Who else will it be? Of course you’re the gemini!! Your world is rich and colorful, ever-changing, every day I have to constantly refresh themselves to keep up with your footsteps. You are love car, also love to watch the street coming and going of the car, sometimes unconsciously a car said that the name of the car. But I am utterly ignorant of what you say on car, I can only be nodded, stupid. But slowly I learned to know a few cars, and I could name them. And remember the time you took a bus to go to play, a car from the side sped past, we say the car by common consent: "sonata!" Then he smiled, I gradually to keep up with you. Your mind is like the wind, as long as I am a little slack you don’t know where to go floating. But I don’t want to put your analogy wind, the wind is too unpredictable, I still love you like a kite, no matter how far you fly high, as long as the lines in my hand, you will eventually come back to me. You are a naughty child, a play together and forget to go home, but I believe that when you covered with mud, hungry cooing you will remember to go home. You are a natural curiosity of the constellation, the more mysterious the more you want to find out what. The best way to heel you make is not to let you stop thinking, always give you fresh feeling. In our constantly refresh you at the same time, I also become more and more better and more restless curiosity, loneliness. What about two curious babies? Every day will bring each other not the same feeling, life is not flat like white boiling water, but a riot of colours change unpredictably. You very.相关的主题文章: